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JeepSA - No customer care at all!
On 5 October 2018 I bought a Jeep Cherokee 4X4 Limited from Penta Motors Menlyn at 18 000 km. There were outstanding items: Service Book, Spare key and Jeep mats. Xolani Mokwena the saleseman promised to courrier all items as soon as he receives it from head office (JeepSA). I have done everything in my power to remind Xolani from Penta Motors but it was all in vain. I contacted Jeep motors telephonically and via emails, nothing prevailed. I am now faced with an added and serious problem. The car started overheating and losing coolant from March 2019, the Jeep dealership in Pinetown and in Umhlanga Ridge could not find anything wrong. My car had to be towed from Pietermaritzburg to their dealership thrice. The last incident was when it was towed to Umhlanga Ridge on the 7th of August. They have never called me as a ncerning the status of my car, but I made it a point to call and even went to Umhlanga from Pietermaritzburg twice. They keep feeding me stories. I even called JeepSA and the first time(2 September) I spoke to Paladi who promised to help, but never got back to me. When my husband went to Umhlanga for the second time, Rivashin fed him a new story that they found the problem and the thermo needs to be changed, and it will take two weeks. After two weeks we called and never got hold of this Rivashin, who is a good story teller. I called JeepSA again(6 september 2019) and a lady called the dealership in Umhlanga Ridge. She came up with a story that the thermo will be delivered on the 25th. I asked what am I supposed to do as I pay for a car that is stuck with them, she said she will get back to me about courtesy car, the same lies they fed my husband and as usual, she never called back. Jeep SA is so useless they do not care anything about their customers. They keep changing their stories as they go by. I even want to sell this rubbish Jeep of theirs as it has never given me any joy but troubles, but I do not have a spare key and a service book. I have had it with JeepSA and from what I read on google, owners of this car either have a battery or overheating problem with, but tell that to their mechanics they pretend as if it's the first they hear about the problem. I have had a raw deal from the start, with Penta Motors. I will go to the lengths of this issue as I cannot pay so much just to receive such a raw deal. JeepSA has not heard the last from me. I have also contacted the bank that financed the car and I am taking their advice in making JeepSA take responsibility for the cars they produce. I just hate the day I bought a Jeep Cherokee, I have been frustrated ever since! I will never ever consider nor advise anyone to get themselves into Jeep troubles!
Reply by HPAdmin, 14 Oct, 2019
Please post your review directly on www.hellopeter.com for assistance.
Policy number KP2271690 and Claim number CKP2271690/2
Date of Accident is 12 July 2019 (Early hours of 13 July 2019)
I have been insured with King Price for more than a year now with only one (01) windscreen claim and I have all my three vehicles insured with them. When I bought the vehicle of my dreams towards end June this year I was very happy and insured it immediately with King Price four (04) days before collection as I wanted to make sure that it is covered. On the 12th July 2019 or early hours of 13/07/2019 I was involved in a horrific accident where I almost lost my life colliding with a truck that never stopped at a traffic light about 2-3 km close to my residential place coming from Chiawelo where there was a night vigil for my friend's mom.
The police (SAPS) attended the scene and my vehicle was removed from the scene by a tow truck, as i was taken to the hospital by an ambulance for treatment. I registered the claim on Monday, 15th July 2019 and my insurance appointed an assessor by the name of John who came to interview me at my house and we also went to the scene of the accident, a month went by without any feedback from him. I phoned him on the 12th August 2019 to find out how far was the claim and if there is anything I can assist with to expedite the process, however he informed me that he was awaiting the blood/medical records from the hospital which he promised that it will only take the maximum of 14 days. A week later I received a text message (SMS) that a new assessor has now been appointed to deal with my claim and an appointment was scheduled for me to meet him on 27 August 2019 to re-interview me on the accident that occurred on the 12th July 2019. On the date of the appointment he (New Assessor) came with two other assessors which makes a total of four (04) assessors working on my claim. They came to my house and started the claim from the beginning and I had to take them again to all the places I went to from the morning of the accident.

It is now two (02) to date since they came to my house and my claim is still not finalized. I have already paid two (02) installments on my vehicle after the accident as the claim will be two (02) months pending with King Price this coming Thursday, 12 September 2019.

I want to know if this is how King Price treats it's clients? Do they work on a claim for more than two two (02) months without proper feedback or finalizing the claim. Is this how KING PRICE treat their clients fairly?

I have allowed them to do their work without any undue pressure, even when there was no regular updates from them.

I feel I am being taken for granted maybe because I am a an African client, which I feel my rights are being trampled on.

I thought being in an accident was traumatizing and stressful enough but this treatment and service being rendered is the worst thing that ever happened in my life.

My life has been hijacked and I can't move on.

I wish someone from KING PRICE can give me a final decision within the next 24 hours.

Clientele Life
Had a life policy with them since 2011. I was retrenched early last year and three weeks later my husband passed. I was making payments out of savings as my husbands estate has not been settled. Ran out of funds, but was lucky enough to be re-employed by a reputable organisation on a good salary. Was not able to pay two instalments, and requested that the policy gets frozen for 3 months until I can catch up. I was refused. I was told that the policy will be cancelled, and I instructed the lady on the phone to do exactly that. This was in May 2019. Instalments of R1909.00 has still been debited off my bank account. I reversed end of August and requested installments taken gets paid back ASAP. I requested to be called...… Guess what. Nothing. They are very quick to take but when they must give back, you can wait. Pathetic service.
We bought a Ford ST in September 2018 from Human Auto Bloemfontein and this vehicle was lookikng so beautiful that we never thought that it would end up frustrating us this much.The vehicle went in to Human Auto again in December 2018 for a service after we bought and they claim that they had serviced the vehicle.This vehicle has been having a lot of problems with the electrical components inside the electrical controls on the interior light have alwas been faulty and we kept on taking it back and a few days later it would begin with the very same problem.On monday the 10nth of June 2019 we took my husband this vehicle to Silverton radiotors as he had noticed that this vehicle is loosing a lot of water and its very abnormal that is when we were advised that the vehicle has blown the head gasket.He took it in to Human Auto and he was looking for the salesman by the name of Hannes whom he was told that he is not available and upon presenting the matter to him visa cellphone all he did was respond via sms and said "he is sorry unfortunately the vehicle doesnt have a warranty anymore" i mean if you are a sales person you will have to try and keep your customers happy especially a customer that has driven a vehicle for only 8 months then suddenly it blows the head gasket.I have been communicating with the Fleet manager by the name of Wynand Swanepoel and have made it very clear that that is the only vehicle we have and now it has been standing in their workshop for 2 weeks and nothing has been done on it as yet.HUMAN AUTO BLOEMFONTEIN IS DELIVERING POOR AND PATHETIC SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE PAYING THEIR VEHICLES WITH THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY.I need assistance for these people to give us a quote as soon as possible and they also need to HELP A LOT ON THEIR ABNORMAL LABOUR CHARGES AND OUTWORK CHARGES.My deepest concern is with their communication it is of very poor quality as i have to be the one calling them everyday and the vehicle is just ignored i dont understand why or it is not good enough to them because it does not have a warranty anymore.what kind of vehicle does one need to buy from Human Auto Bloemfotein in order to be taken into consideration.TWO WEEKS IS A LOG TIME WITHOUT A VEHICLE AND I AM SURE IF THEY WERE IN MY SITUATION THEY WOULD FEEL THE SAME AS WELL.Peter i nned your help in this matter the vehice is with us for only 8 MONTHS AND THE HEAD GASKET IS BLOWN, THAT IS VERY STRANGE, THEY MUST ASSIST IN THIS MATTER.
Assist on complains
On 9th May 2019 I secured a car service booking with Bosch Trichardt Car Service Centre for the 17th May 2019. On the 17th May 2019 I brought my vehicle, 2011 Peugeot 508 to Bosch for major service. The owner/manager picture-videorized my vehicle in my presence. He took pictures all sides, the boot and the engine and the interior. On that afternoon Doris (receptionist at Bosch) called that the front brake discs of my car about to be worn out and checking if they should replace them; I gave a no to that. I arrived at Bosch around 16:30 to collect my car and found that they had not finished as they cited that they battled to get the correct spark plugs. I waited until almost 17:30 when I drove it from the washbay going home (Thuthukani in Standerton which is almost 63 km from Bosch).
On Saturday, the 18th May 2019 I drove the car to Johannesburg with my wife for shopping and then we went to a funeral in Katlehong. When I left Katlehong I drove to Chris Hani Crossing Mall near Vosloorus for shopping. On coming back to the vehicle it wouldn’t idle and it had lost power to pull off with a warning light that reads “Low Oil Pressure and Stop”. I the opened the bonnet and saw splashes of oil on the spark plug cover. I immediately phoned Bosch and spoke to the supervisor/manager by the name of Martin. I explained to him everything I’m experiencing since service. He told me it could not be the service but something else. I asked him to be more specific what that “something else” is. He started shouting that I was shouting at him and he dropped the phone. I allowed the car to cool down as the engine was extremely hot. After cooling I tried to drive off and after a very short distance the warning light came on again and followed immediately by another warning light that says “Engine Faulty Needs Urgent Service”. I then realized my car was now packed up. I sent Martin WhatsApp messages later that day telling him that after cooling off the engine I noticed the coolant tank was bone-dry empty and as I pour water to fill it, all the water floods out at the bottom of the engine. He did not respond.

On Sunday morning, the 19th May 2019 I checked my WhatsApp and I could see that he responded and subsequently deleted his posting before I could read it. This morning, the 20th May 2019 I have spoken to Martin and he said he can’t help me because he is waiting for the owner of the centre to make a decision in my case and that the owner is not around. I called their receptionist, Louis Fourie who told me that the owner was in but I can only talk to him through Martin. Martin told me that he is still talking to the owner and he would call me shortly. He called after 10 or so minutes to tell me the owner is out of town and he would be back on Tuesday.
My vehicle is still stuck in a remote area and Bosch is doing absolutely nothing even to ensure the vehicle is safe.

My car came to Bosch with not a single problem except for a vibrating steering wheel. It came there for major services which ended up being a catastrophic breakdown of my vehicle.
Kindly assist even if you could publish my story as the Bosch service has psychologically and financially impacted on me.

I was forced to get the taxis to Standerton for me to collect my other car to come and fetch my wife and all the stuff that were in the broken car.
Kindly assist me Peter
I'm Listed under Dept Review by The Dept Maanagement Group and we never agreed on their services as i indicated to the consultant that he must give me time for me to discuss the matter with my wife and we agreed that he will call me the following day.The consultant send me documents via email to complete and ask me to sign and send them back to him and further inform me that if i decide not to reqiure their service my documents will be destroyed and if i require their services then they proceed. I never recieved a call from the consultant and on later stage i found out that i'm registered under dept review and i recieved sevral calls from different consultants from the same company and i explained to them that we never had an agreement and i even send them an email for them to cancel my application and they replied , that i must pay a cancellation fee of R1350.00.All this happend in 2015. Now I cant get any credit due to that.
Reply by HPAdmin, 10 Apr, 2019
We’re sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, we don’t facilitate issue resolution on your behalf so we would suggest that you go to our website (www.hellopeter.com) and write a review about your experience with them there, so that they can pick up on the issue and hopefully assist you with a resolution.
Loan hub taking my money
Loan hub deduct 399rand from my account without giving them permission, and where is my loan then. Luckily there was no money in my account. How does these people get a hold of my bank account.
Homechoice is unethical
I do not understand about homechoice ethics:The amount that I had to pay for two items I had ordered was paid and I sent the Proof of payment.I am not sure where home-choice comes up with an additional amount of R1214.94?
I requested them to cancel any order that may have been made to that amount and only send me what I had paid for. I had submitted the invoice for the original amount I had to pay which was R1653.04. This was paid and only one item was sent to me out of the two items required to be sent to me. Had this amount not been paid, Home choice would never had sent me the one item in the first place. Even if you deduct the amount from the two items I had ordered, it would still not come to R1214.94. Homechoice had cancelled my order insisting that I pay them the amount they are demanding before sending me what I had ordered. I had sent them all the proofs and even suggested that the error maybe on their side but to no avail. I had on a previous occasion ordered another item and I was sent an email stating that they are out of stock. I was never able to get my money back from them. As this was for a small amount I did not think anything of it.
Reply by HPAdmin, 10 Apr, 2019
We’re sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, we don’t facilitate issue resolution on your behalf so we would suggest that you go to our website (www.hellopeter.com) and write a review about your experience with them there so that they can pick up on the issue and hopefully assist you with a resolution.
unclaimed surplus
My mom used to work for the metal industry in the 80`s and passed on in 1992 due to sickness cause by stress and depression from my father`s death also in 1990 due to Car accident of which we never claimed any surplus for both my parents and we had to be raised by my aunt and leave on foster Grant which was R520 at that time and never even finished school because it was hard for my Guardians, I grew up and tried to find out why my mom never got anything form the surplus and my dad never got any money from the RAF but Unclaimed benefits department said I have no claim. BUT HOW can this be when we had a very bad upbringing me and my brothers then comes this.WE REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE,so that we can also have a second chance of life.
Poor bad service
I submitted my with drawal provident fund with saccawa before the 10/8/17 and when I confirm with my application I was told that I takes 4-6 weeks for pay out of my funds but every time when I phone in there is this thing that they are waiting for confirmation from abacus and it is now 5 weeks where I here the same thing every time when I phone in on the 18/9/17 I phone in and I get the same story how can u wait for 5 weeks for confirmation we are going for the 6 weeks on the 25/9/17 still no feed back I have to call in every time to find out how far or TT he progress of my application this is totally unacceptable when they took my money for my salary there was no delays or stories they received it every month
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Lydia Moletsane
Am complaining about two truck driver who gave me a misleading information
26 Jul, 2019
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I have a complain with insurance it's this a right platform to ask?
2 Jun, 2019
Answer by HPAdmin, 4 Jun, 2019
Go to www.hellopeter.com, click on ‘write a review’ and please follow the steps. Thanks
mannini mdluli
I have a complaint, is this the right platform to say it out loud?
And Can you help me get my money back?
31 Oct, 2017
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