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Sportstake 8 Results - Midweek Fixture 187

Sportstake 8 Midweek fixture and Sportstake 8 results 187 for 2020-12-02. Sportstake results are published every Monday and Friday before 09:00.

December 02, 2020 - Wednesday

Opening date: 2020-11-30 | Closing date: 2020-12-01

 Home TeamAway Team1st Half2nd HalfDateTime
1Lok MoscowSalzburgupcomingupcoming2020-12-0119:55
2S. DonetskR. Madridupcomingupcoming2020-12-0119:55
3a Madridb Munichupcomingupcoming2020-12-0122:00
4B. MgladbachInt. Milanupcomingupcoming2020-12-0122:00
5PortoMan Cityupcomingupcoming2020-12-0122:00
6O. MarseilleO. Piraeusupcomingupcoming2020-12-0122:00
Sportstake 8 Results History Sportstake Predictions 187

Sportstake 8 Results - Weekend Fixture 186

Sportstake 8 Weekend fixture and Sportstake 8 results 186 for 2020-11-30. Sportstake results are published every Monday and Friday before 09:00.

November 30, 2020 - Monday

Opening date: 2020-11-27 | Closing date: 2020-11-29

 Home TeamAway Team1st Half2nd HalfDateTime
1SouthamptonMan Utdupcomingupcoming2020-11-2916:00
2Ac MilanFiorentinaupcomingupcoming2020-11-2916:00
3B. LeverkusenHertha Bscupcomingupcoming2020-11-2916:30
7S. EtienneLilleupcomingupcoming2020-11-2922:00
8R. SociedadVillarrealupcomingupcoming2020-11-2922:00
Sportstake 8 Results History Sportstake Predictions 186

Sportstake 8 Results - Midweek Fixture 185

Sportstake 8 Midweek fixture and Sportstake 8 results 185 for 2020-11-27. Sportstake results are published every Monday and Friday before 09:00.

November 27, 2020 - Friday

Opening date: 2020-11-25 | Closing date: 2020-11-26

 Home TeamAway Team1st Half2nd HalfDateTime
1MoldeArsenal0 - 0 DRAW0 - 3 AWAY2020-11-2619:55
2S. BragaLeicester2 - 1 HOME1 - 2 AWAY2020-11-2619:55
3LilleAc Milan0 - 0 DRAW1 - 1 DRAW2020-11-2619:55
4B. LeverkusenH. Beer Sheva1 - 0 HOME3 - 1 HOME2020-11-2622:00
5RangersBenfica1 - 0 HOME1 - 2 AWAY2020-11-2622:00
6NapoliRijeka1 - 0 HOME1 - 0 HOME2020-11-2622:00
7Az AlkmaarR. Sociedad0 - 0 DRAW0 - 0 DRAW2020-11-2622:00
8TottenhamLudogorets2 - 0 HOME2 - 0 HOME2020-11-2622:00

Sportstake 8 Payouts - Midweek Fixture 185

Sportstake 8 payout chart below shows how many fixtures you need to guess to win the different prizes.

1Match 16 Fixtures1R2,429,283.10
2Match 15 Fixtures53R943.20
3Match 14 Fixtures533R70.30
4Match 13 Fixtures3045R20.50
Next JackpotR100,000.00
Sportstake 8 Results History

Sportstake 8 Results History

List of last 30 draws for Ithuba National Lottery including Sportstake 8 results:

Fixture DateGameOpening DateClosing DateResults
2020-12-02Sportstake 82020-11-302020-12-01Fixtures 187
2020-11-30Sportstake 82020-11-272020-11-29Fixtures 186
2020-11-27Sportstake 82020-11-252020-11-26Fixtures 185
2020-11-25Sportstake 82020-11-232020-11-24Fixtures 184
2020-11-23Sportstake 82020-11-202020-11-22Fixtures 183
2020-11-20Sportstake 82020-11-182020-11-19Fixtures 182
2020-11-18Sportstake 82020-11-162020-11-17Fixtures 181
2020-11-16Sportstake 82020-11-132020-11-15Fixtures 180
2020-11-13Sportstake 82020-11-112020-11-12Fixtures 179
2020-11-11Sportstake 82020-11-092020-11-10Fixtures 178
2020-11-09Sportstake 82020-11-062020-11-08Fixtures 177
2020-11-06Sportstake 82020-11-042020-11-05Fixtures 176
2020-11-04Sportstake 82020-11-022020-11-03Fixtures 175
2020-11-02Sportstake 82020-10-302020-11-01Fixtures 174
2020-10-30Sportstake 82020-10-282020-10-29Fixtures 173
2020-10-28Sportstake 82020-10-262020-10-27Fixtures 172
2020-10-26Sportstake 82020-10-232020-10-25Fixtures 171
2020-10-23Sportstake 82020-10-212020-10-22Fixtures 170
2020-10-21Sportstake 82020-10-192020-10-20Fixtures 169
2020-10-19Sportstake 82020-10-162020-10-18Fixtures 168
2020-10-16Sportstake 82020-10-142020-10-15Fixtures 167
2020-10-14Sportstake 82020-10-122020-10-13Fixtures 166
2020-10-12Sportstake 82020-10-092020-10-11Fixtures 165
2020-10-09Sportstake 82020-10-072020-10-08Fixtures 164
2020-10-07Sportstake 82020-10-052020-10-06Fixtures 163
2020-10-05Sportstake 82020-10-022020-10-04Fixtures 162
2020-10-02Sportstake 82020-09-302020-10-01Fixtures 161
2020-09-30Sportstake 82020-09-282020-09-29Fixtures 160
2020-09-28Sportstake 82020-09-252020-09-27Fixtures 159
2020-09-25Sportstake 82020-09-232020-09-24Fixtures 158
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You can play the SPORTSTAKE 8 game by predicting the first half and second half outcomes (1,X,2) of 8 predetermined match fixtures drawn from various leagues and other identified professional soccer leagues across the globe.

Time: Sportstake 8 results are published every Monday, Wednesday, Friday/Saturday


1. Obtain an applicable Fixture List for the SPORTSTAKE 8 game and predict both 1st half and 2nd half outcomes for each one of the eight soccer matches featured in the match list.
2. Mark your predictions in the applicable tick box for each relevant half in a soccer fixture with a black pen or pencil. A Home win (lead) prediction is indicated by marking (1), a Draw prediction is indicated by marking (X), and an Away win (lead) prediction is indicated by marking (2) for each half. Should you make a mistake, mark the 'Cancel Box'.
3. Take a betslip to a teller at an approved National Lottery retailer to make payment.
4. You will receive a receipt from the teller with all your chosen numbers.
4. Make sure you write your name on the back of the receipt.
6. Draws are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday/Saturday.


You can also play SPORTSTAKE 8 by choosing PROPICKTM. With the PROPICKTM option, the system will, on your behalf generate boards based on a mix of experts and random selections.
Choose the number of boards you wish to play.
You can also request PROPICK directly from the retailer.

Ticket Price: A single Sportstake board entry costs R2.00. Multi-Play bet cost is calculated by multiplying number of boards with R2.00.


You can select single or multiple outcome result for each half.
A valid wager must consist of at least one selection per half.
A Minimum price per wager is R2 and maximum spend per transaction is R2000.
Each single entry wager will cost you R2, including VAT.
SPORTSTAKE 8 results are considered as the score at the end of each 45 minute half, including the referee's added time but excludes extra-time or penalty shootouts.


The following table bellow shows winning options and the allocation of the Pool Fund for Sportstake 8

Prize DivisionMatchesApproximate Odds of winning per EntryPool Fund
1Match 16 Fixtures1:1,594,32340%
2Match 15 Fixtures1:62,32020%
3Match 14 Fixtures1:5,11015%
4Match 13 Fixtures1:69725%

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