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Ithuba National Lottery Past Winning Numbers

List of 30 Ithuba Lotto Draws:

Draw DateLotto GameWinning NumbersDraw Details
17 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Results42-38-01-19-51-50 + 21DRAW
17 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results27-11-21-19-23-25 + 07DRAW
17 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results45-19-38-23-03-08 + 16DRAW
16 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Results06-44-05-48-32 + 05DRAW
16 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results48-01-33-18-46 + 06DRAW
13 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Results39-22-34-46-13-16 + 37DRAW
13 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results24-52-43-22-19-49 + 01DRAW
13 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results11-48-47-32-21-39 + 26DRAW
12 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Results28-35-50-43-41 + 12DRAW
12 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results44-31-49-35-01 + 02DRAW
10 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Results06-01-47-13-18-36 + 34DRAW
10 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results43-11-20-04-35-28 + 32DRAW
10 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results31-38-40-11-36-51 + 05DRAW
09 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Results13-05-38-11-28DRAW
09 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results34-48-37-28-10DRAW
06 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Results29-23-13-43-25-14 + 39DRAW
06 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results11-12-36-22-27-07 + 21DRAW
06 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results36-24-09-33-52-31 + 49DRAW
05 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Results48-15-29-22-31 + 03DRAW
05 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results17-02-40-11-19 + 11DRAW
03 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Results51-32-49-45-29-26 + 22DRAW
03 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results12-35-28-18-19-25 + 17DRAW
03 Apr, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results15-37-05-35-23-46 + 38DRAW
02 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Results41-35-38-29-11 + 18DRAW
02 Apr, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results45-05-11-21-24 + 01DRAW
30 Mar, 2019SA Lotto Results28-22-16-37-36-10 + 42DRAW
30 Mar, 2019SA Lotto Plus 1 Results23-38-51-11-40-33 + 30DRAW
30 Mar, 2019SA Lotto Plus 2 Results39-03-44-50-30-45 + 37DRAW
29 Mar, 2019SA PowerBall Results06-11-03-13-31 + 13DRAW
29 Mar, 2019SA PowerBall Plus Results14-45-30-03-13 + 02DRAW
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