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SA PICK3 Results

Here are Ithuba National Lottery winning numbers for PICK3 Tuesday, Dec 18 2018 draw:

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018
Lotto Winning Numbers

SA PICK3 Payouts

3-Way Mix0R501R835R1,670R3,340
6-Way Mix240R252R420R840R1,680
Front Pair30R150R250R500R1,000
Back Pair12R150R250R500R1,000
Split Pair13R150R250R500R1,000

Ithuba National Lottery latest results are published instantly after the draw result announcement. PICK3 drawn every day at 20:00

Ithuba PICK3 Results History

List of last 50 draws for Ithuba PICK3:

Draw DateLotto GameWinning Numbers
18 Dec, 2018PICK38-0-4
17 Dec, 2018PICK34-3-4
16 Dec, 2018PICK33-5-6
15 Dec, 2018PICK32-2-7
14 Dec, 2018PICK30-9-7
13 Dec, 2018PICK31-0-6
12 Dec, 2018PICK39-1-0
11 Dec, 2018PICK36-2-6
10 Dec, 2018PICK31-4-9
09 Dec, 2018PICK39-5-1
08 Dec, 2018PICK39-6-0
07 Dec, 2018PICK31-6-8
06 Dec, 2018PICK34-4-0
05 Dec, 2018PICK31-1-7
04 Dec, 2018PICK30-5-5
03 Dec, 2018PICK33-9-6
02 Dec, 2018PICK31-1-8
01 Dec, 2018PICK39-6-6
30 Nov, 2018PICK32-7-1
29 Nov, 2018PICK32-0-2
28 Nov, 2018PICK39-6-1
27 Nov, 2018PICK33-6-7
26 Nov, 2018PICK34-7-0
25 Nov, 2018PICK36-2-5
24 Nov, 2018PICK33-3-3
23 Nov, 2018PICK37-8-9
22 Nov, 2018PICK34-8-2
21 Nov, 2018PICK30-6-9
20 Nov, 2018PICK34-9-7
19 Nov, 2018PICK34-4-1
18 Nov, 2018PICK34-2-9
17 Nov, 2018PICK35-0-7
16 Nov, 2018PICK32-8-6
15 Nov, 2018PICK31-6-5
14 Nov, 2018PICK34-7-3
13 Nov, 2018PICK35-0-1
12 Nov, 2018PICK37-7-1
11 Nov, 2018PICK39-2-4
10 Nov, 2018PICK30-2-5
09 Nov, 2018PICK37-9-0
08 Nov, 2018PICK36-8-4
07 Nov, 2018PICK35-1-2
06 Nov, 2018PICK36-7-8
05 Nov, 2018PICK33-9-1
04 Nov, 2018PICK39-1-5
03 Nov, 2018PICK37-8-6
02 Nov, 2018PICK33-3-5
01 Nov, 2018PICK30-5-5
31 Oct, 2018PICK32-5-4
30 Oct, 2018PICK30-5-7

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