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Fantastic kilt, but some confusion regarding shirt orders
Firstly, I must express how genuinely happy I am with the kilt. It fits perfectly and has been masterfully made. Egbert really knows what he is doing with these "South African kilts". I'd gladly order a second kilt sometime in the future.

-1 Star for some confusion when I ordered two shirts and their sizes and materials arrived incorrect, however, Egbert was very helpful in the matter and it was quickly and easily sorted.

(A brief word of advise, Cargokilts, update your product photographs and description on your website; it needs some attention!)
Damm awsome quality!
Cargokilts produces the best quality kilts in RSA. For work or play, from bundu to business kilts are the way to go! Experience true freedom of movement!
Great for all your kilt needs...
I own two Kilts, one cargo, one Regimental, both professionally hand made by Egbert Harmse! Very friendly & knowledgeable and able to help with all your Highland needs!