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Below is a message i put onto my facebook page, along with some of the comments I received .....

I would like to commend one of your staff members, Sofie, who works in the ladies toilets in the departure section of ORT. I am a frequent traveller, and every single time I go into the ladies toilets, Sofie greets me, and every other lady who enters there with a big smile and a 'hello m'am, welcome to my office'. she is contantly cleaning the floors and checking the toilets. When you leave the toilets, she is there, smiling at you, and you get a 'goodbye m'am have a safe flight and enjoy the rest of your week / weekend'. Sofie is the epitome of a person who takes pride and pleasure in their job. It may not be the best job in the world, but she certainly does make it the best that she can. And WOW - does she succeed in doing this. Sofie, a BIG thumbs up to you, and thank you for your cheerful greetings and messages to us, who are often tired and weary and looking forward to going home or away. I wish there were more 'Sofies' in this world - it would be a wonderful place :)

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Rhonel Niekerk
Rhonel Niekerk I also get the the same lady. The two of us have a good laugh when she says that.

Ursula Vanessa Tait Webb
Ursula Vanessa Tait Webb Love it Jen.....Well Done are an unsung hero. I salute you!!! So good to give recognition to the unsung hero's of the World! May God bless you richly! xxx you truly deserve it!

Sandie Gracie Orrell
Sandie Gracie Orrell So nice to read this, I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due.

Jenny Meaker This cleaning company certainly has a gem of an employee on their books ! I hope they look after her :) Well done Sofie :)

I hereby would like to thank a lady working at Sesifikile Cleaners, S Bongile Biya. I was flying to George from OR Thambo. I left my Galaxy S4 cell phone in one of the bathrooms of OR Thambo.

Thanx to S Bongile Biya I was able to get it back. U r the best, and the most honest person.

I hereby would like to request Sesifikile's boss to please thank her and reward her for Excellent work!!!