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On Friday 20 December 2013 I was travelling from East London to Clarens in the Eastern Free State.

At approximately 11:50, about 160 km from Bloemfontein, I was overtaken by your vehicle 4870H, registration ZFD 297 GP.

In order to overtake me the vehicle had to cross a double barrier line and passed excessively close to my vehicle, forcing me to move towards the shoulder of the road in order to avoid an accident.

My wife took the picture of the vehicle after it had passed so that we would be able to correctly identify it.

I also noted the 100 kph sticker on the right rear of the vehicle as I was travelling at 120 kph at the time.

I object to having to contend with reckless and negligent drivers, such as those employed by City to City

Please correct the driver involved. There are far too many (often fatal) bus accidents and, considering the low quality of driver you employ, it is surprising that there are not more.


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