Godox DE300-D 300WS Studio Photo Strobe Flash

Price: 10850
Godox DE300-D 3 * 300WS Studio Photo Strobe Flash Light Kit with Light Stand/Softbox/Reflector Umbrella/Soft Umbrella/Flash Trigger/Lamp Shade
Godox DE300-D is a professional photography flash kit. Super power flash, high strength light stands, softbox and umbrella with high quality material, it is ideal for studio use, widely used in certificate, portrait and product shooting. Comes with a carrying bag, with wheels, it allows you to carry it for outdoor use. Come to see this flash kit.

300WS super power flash with 150W modeling lamp, fast recycling time
Lightweight and metal shell body with bowens mount, compatible with most accessories.
Godox DM-16 flash trigger, support 16 channels, 1/200s sync speed.
Durable aluminum alloy light stand, max.height up to 190mm.
60 * 90cm cube softbox provides even and soft lighting, durable ribs and high reflective material.
Reflector umbrella with black outer and silver inner, eliminate the shadow, reflect unwanted light.
Black & white umbrella, used to soft the lighting, create gentle light.
Carrying bag with wheels and 4" lamp shades are included, better to meet your needs.

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