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Grand Designs
A reliable supplier, always helpful and after sales service is great.
I bought a Hp laptop that according to the catalogue comes with a nice laptop bag. When they gave me my laptop it ddnt come with the bag so they made me wait two weeks before getting it, having to phone them atleast 5 times during the 2 weeks.i finally got the laptop bag and it was the crappy fong kong looking bag yet im paying alot for it.. i just need to find out if this is the quality of laptop bags you guys give to your customers who buy the HP laptops? im so dissapointed!!!
Taxi drivers fight amongst themselves and use us passengers and pawns. I realised this when I was attacked physically by a taxi driver for getting onto the "wrong" taxi from central Pretoria to Sunnypark. Frankly,we use OUR money to pay fare,your fights don't include us. I had to compromise my morals as a young lady,swear and fight a taxi driver in public.
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