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They are good at it
I was looking for a company to build an unusual library for my school, then i stumbled on 4rthman international on yello sa page.
They are indeed good at what they do. I am a satisfied client amd recommmend them.
To whom it may concern
I am very unhappy with the service I got from Vodacom & Huawei, as NOBODY told me that I will have to do the follow-ups as Vodacom is only the Service Provider and only deals with calls and that guarantees must be sorted out by myself, as the client.
On 23/04/2017 I upgraded to the Huawei Mate 9 (Red Package).
On 7 July 2017 (Job nr: 12249140) – my phone went in for repairs at Vodacom. On 13 July I was informed that the repair would cost R5614.96 (Although it was under warranty for two screen replacements). Then I received a call from Vodacom to inform me that they lost my phone! I was then asked for the job number again to send it back to Vodacom (Tzaneen Lifestyle) and they informed me a few days later that my phoned was found and that I must come and collect the phone and send it to Huawei myself.
On 21/07/2017 my secretary went unto their (Huawei) website to enquire about the process to be followed: “With regards to reference number: 38157952, I need to know what I should do next? How and when will you be able to come and pick the phone up? I also understand that this will be free of charge? Please let me know as soon as possible.”
I received an email from Huawei: “Thank you for contacting the Huawei Technical help Desk. We have looked into your inquiry, kindly be advised that our service centers and courier company are currently down, we should be able to contact you as soon as they are up and running. Thank you for your understanding.
On 26/07/2017 my secretary went unto their website again, just to submit a job “Collection & Delivery Service” whereby I received an email with the Service Request no: “PS20170726225424”.
My secretary received the following Reference number: 38437383, when speaking to Phumudzo on 01/08/2017 at 16:31pm to find out when they will collect the phone. After two weeks, on 11/08/2017 they came to collect the phone.
On 18/08/2017 my secretary went unto their (Huawei) website again to the Collection & Delivery Service page to submit yet another question to find out when my phone will be delivered again, as it was picked up by one of their drivers and we have not heard anything back yet (Service Request no: PS20170818213646). I received an email back saying: “We have looked into your query, Please note that the current status of your device is “awaiting parts” as soon as device is repaired the repair centre will notify the collections department and we will arrange device back to you.”
Since then the only thing I got from Vodacom and Huawei was reference number: 38157952 & 38437383.
Since then I phoned Brandon from Vodacom, according to him, the only thing they can do is provide me with a loan phone. After speaking to Eric Meiring from Huawei, he said that I must wait at least 21 days for response.
Till today, I have not heard anything back with no response from no one. When I went to Vodacom (Tzaneen Lifestyle) the only thing they can tell me is that they are busy sorting it out.
The question is: Am I paying services I don’t have or quality of services I don’t receive?
We, as customers need to be happy with the service that we pay for and the current service is pathetic!
No Service in 4 Weeks
Today is the 4th week I am trying to get a Technician out to my house. My Complaint was given to them on
28-Aug-17 We are Warrantee Clients so they don't give a damn. The 13th Sept was promised they will be at my house. I phoned the 14th Sept and they told me the Technician got lost. I had no calls from them to direct them. They promised again, Friday 15th Sept they will be there. I phoned again this morning. Same excuse - Technician got lost!!!!! Please tell me, are they waiting for my Warrantee (which was paid for in advance) to Expire so we have to Pay them??? Worst service ever.
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