A family member of mine is currently in Ward 4. What a pleasant surprise to visit Stikland Hospital. At the gate I was greeted professionaly with a big welcome smile and given directions to the ward. The grounds are extremely neat. At Ward 4 I found ample parking and friendly personnel. Lovely place to sit down in the court yard or by the tables and chairs provided. Everything that was brought in for the patient was clearly marked with his name on. He did receive all the snacks and drinks that I brought him. The passages, the ward, kitchen and everything was extremely neat and clean. I phoned in to speak to the doctor and left a message. Did not think my call will be returned. But, again to my surprise, a friendly doctor phoned the same day and answered all my questions. Well done Stikland Hospital! Others can learn from you.
Reply by Francois Haasbroek, 30 Nov, 2017
Well done! Do you have any photos of Stikland Hospital?

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