Themed backdrop - Blue Door Cottage 2.4m x 3.6m

Price: R1500.00
Whoever said a picture paints a thousand words hadn’t seen our stunning photo backdrops, enabling you to transform your studio into almost any location you can think of. We have a wide range of incredible studio backdrops – taking you from architectural features such as brick and stone walls to far-away fantasy settings and striking graffiti too. Our hard-wearing chemical fibre vinyl that is coated with a multi-layer paint scheme to absorb light and eliminate reflections. This material is designed to easy to handle, hang, store and transport, and it’s woven nature means it won’t tear. Lightweight and durable, these photo backdrops mean you can carry your own locations with you. We carry a variety of sizes in both materials, starting at 1.5x1.5m up to 3x6m, with large sizes including a deeper infinity curve for added versatility. All of our photo backdrops can be hung using standard support systems.

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