Join M AND C ACADEMY AND CONSULTANCY TRAINING SKILLS.Free Accommodation, No Qualifications needed, No driver's license needed, After training we issue an International Accredited Certificate and license. We do job assistance after training.

We're fully Accredited Provider with TETA, CETA,Department of Labour .
We're in Kempton park Gauteng next to Auto-zone at tax rank.

1.Forklift F01 ...R 800 for 5 days
2.Occupational Health and Safety 1week R1800
3.Safety Officer R7000 for 1-2weeks
4.Bobcat ,,,,, 1week R2000
5.TLB ,,,,,,,2 WEEKS R3000
6.Excavator,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R4000
7.Front end loader ,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R3500
8.Mobile crane 80tonnes,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R4500
9.Mobile crane 150tonnes ,,,,,,,,2wks R5500
10.Mobile crane 210tonnes ,,,,,,,,2wks R6500
11.Grader,,,,,,,,, 2 WEEKS R5000
12.Roller,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 WEEKS R3500
13.Dump truck (adt) ,,,,,,,,2WEEKS, R4500
14Dump truck 777D ,,,,,,,,2wks ,R5000
15.Dump truck (without restriction) ,,,,,R7500
16.Tower crane climbing, ,,,,,,,,2 WEEKS R6000.
17.Remote Tower crane ,,,,,,,,2weeks,R4500.
18Overhead crane ,,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R4500.
19.Bulldozer,,,,,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R4000.
20...Safety lifting/rigging ,,,,,,,,2WEEKS R5500.
21.Intermediate rigging,,,,,,, 2weeks R7000.
22.Advanced rigging ,,,,,,,3weeks R10 000.
23Arc welding, ,,,,,,,,,3WEEKS R6000.
24Co2 welding,,,,,,,,,,3 WEEKS R6000.
25luminium welding ,,,,,,3weeks R6000.
26.Boilermaking ,,,,,,,,,,3weeks R6000.
27.Drill rig (tamrock surface),,,,,,R6000.

1.Underground dump truck,R5500
2.Loader haul dumper (scoop),2WEEKS R5000
3.Drill rig (tamrock), 2WEEKS R6000
4.Rock drill operator ,2WEEKS R6000
5.Roof bolt drill rig , 2WEEKS R6000
6.Utility vehicle (uv), 2WEEKS R5000
7.Water truck, 2WEEKS R4000

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