Profoto D1 Studio Kit 1000/1000 Air with Air Remot

Price: 28550
Profoto D1 Studio Kit 1000/1000 Air with Air Remote

Complete, portable studio solution
7 F-Stop Variability
Exposure Consistency to 1/10 f/stop
Super-short flash duration
Fast recycling time
Color consistency of 40 degrees Kelvin
Multi-Voltage 90-120V & 200-240V
Can be used for many kinds of photography
Air Remote Control not included
Fully compatible with Profoto light shaping tools

Give your subjects the ideal lighting with the Profoto D1 1000/1000 Air Studio Kit. It consists of two light stands, two 1000 W monolights, a sync cord, two umbrellas, and a carry case. Each umbrella features a built-in reflector, which deflects unwanted stray light from the flash head. For added flexibility, you can use the reflectors with other softboxes and umbrellas. Since the D1's controls are convenient to use, you can take advantage the D1’s 1/10 f-stop precision exposure control, its short flash duration, and fast recycling time.

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