Off-Grid Solar Power System - Victron 3kWh

Price: 30590
Power Specifications:
- Maximum rated power: 1200w
- Peak / surge power: 2400w
- Total yield per day: 3kWh
- Total battery storage: 3kWh

- Victron Energy Pure Sine Single-Phase 1200w
- Victron Energy MPPT maximum efficiency PV controller

Battery Storage:
- Battery type: Solar AGM (Gel / Lithium upgrade options available)
- Max depth of discharge (DOD): 45%
- Total usable energy at DOD: 3000wh (3kWh)

- Optional battery and system management interface

Installation Hardware Included:
- All PV mounting brackets and rails for standard roof types included
- 20m Solar UV resistant cabling included

- Installation labour excluded

- Inverter: 5 years
- Panel structure: 10 years
- Panel performance: 25 year linear
- All other components: 1 years

Price includes all mounting hardware and cabling for standard installations. Some installations may require additional components - pending site assessment.

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