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Ottery, Cape Town
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Full Time
20 May, 2019
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Database Administrator

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Cape Town
Job Presentation
We are looking for an experienced database administrator to join our engineering team who can hold a position of great responsibility.

Being both an administrative and technical role, the Database Administrator should display both sound technical skills and administrative aptitude.

You should have extensive knowledge of the databases under your administration, be the first respondent to database problems that arise and carry out periodic maintenance and troubleshooting.

We’d like to leverage your knowledge to provide direction as the types of databases needed for new services, as well as be an intrinsic component of their design.

Knowledge of deploying databases within a High-Availability (HA) environment would be preferential – even better if that’s within the Azure Cloud environment.

In addition, the Database Administrators should be an analytic problem-solver and communicator who is fluent in most data manipulation languages.
  • • 5 + MS SQL Administration experience
  • • Experience in Document databases (Like Cosmos / Mongo)
  • • Knowledge of Cloud based Database administration is preferable
  • • Ability to organize and plan work independently
  • • Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment
  • • Ability to multi-task and switch effectively between different activities and teams
  • • NoSQL experience advantageous
  • • Good knowledge of available SQL technologies, including performance optimising, query tuning and infrastructure analysis
  • • Able to work effectively in a team environment
  • • Assist with maintaining Dev, QA, UAT and production databases in various stages of the development cycle
  • • Configure and monitor server and database health and performance to ensure high availability, fast performance and secure environments (this requirement will need to utilise the Azure toolset)
  • • Refine and automate regular processes / scheduled jobs, track issues, and document changes
  • • Perform scheduled maintenance and support release deployment activities (after hours if necessary)
  • • Assist developers with complex query writing to ensure efficient SQL code
  • • Be able to analyse issues in real time, providing suggestions on problem resolution
  • • Be available to provide second line 24*7 support for critical production systems
  • • Manage new permissions requested and report on database access for users and application logins
  • • Keep up to date on latest security measures
  • • Monitor usage of relevant capacity counters including disk space, IO, memory, CPU and performance
  • • Manage index optimisation, defragmentation, creating, dropping and suggested improved indexes
  • International Company based in Mouille Point, Cape Town.
Negotiable - depends on your experience and what you are looking for

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