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12 Apr, 2019
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Chief Flight Instructor

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To ensure compliance with the SACAA regulations, the Transnet SOC LTD Training and Procedures manual as well as the
Rotorcraft Flight Manual at all times when undertaking his/her duties as flight crew and/or helicopter instructor at all times.
Manage and co-ordinate all training for Marine Pilot Service. To ensure that he/she maintains a high standard and level of
safety, to carry oneself in a disciplined and orderly manner as well as to maintain neat appearance at all times. Ensure
uninterrupted operation of TNPA helicopter service to deliver high quality service and enhance port efficiency. Ultimately
responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers on board the aircraft as per SACAA CARs 91.02.7 and 91.02.8.
  • - Hold a current CPL-H or ATPL-H;
  • - Minimum of a Grade 2 Instructor Rating on helicopters.
  • - Instrument rating;
  • - 1500 hours total flight time;
  • - 500 hours on turbine helicopters;
  • - 250 hours on multi-engine helicopters; and
  • PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
  • suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
  • - Minimum of 5 years relevant experience.
  • - Winch rating on helicopters will be an advantage; and
  • - Operational knowledge of the functions of TNPA marine pilot services will be advantageous.
  • Competencies :
  • Aviation rules and safety guidelines
  • Helicopter operation procedures &
  • systems
  • Public safety & security
  • Transportations systems & procedures
  • Port rules
  • Customer & personal service
  • English language proficiency
  • Radio telephony proficiency
  • Mathematical applications
  • Computers & electronics
  • Navigation data processing
  • Flight planning & execution
  • Part 141 (Aviation Training Organisations)
  • Good communication
  • Time management
  • Judgement & decision making
  • Operational control
  • Crew resource management (CRM)
  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Diversity management.
  • - Decision making;
  • - Multi-tasking;
  • - Communication; and
  • - Team work.
  • • Keep orderly records of all training carried out;
  • • Liaise with Accountable Manager, Flight Operations, Chief Pilot, Safety and Quality Officer and Engineering to ensure that
  • all flight crew comply with the respective requirements;
  • • Responsible for advising Accountable Manager, Flight Operations and Chief Pilot of procedures that contribute to a safer and more economical and efficient operation of the aircraft;
  • • Compile and issue competency certificate on successful completion of training;
  • • To conduct operator proficiency checks, pilot proficiency checks and line checks in accordance to SOP on all pilots and
  • Helicopter Line Instructors;
  • • To assess Instrument flying capabilities on all pilots on the operation;
  • • To conduct re-currency, difference and finalization training on the aircraft for the pilots on the Marine Pilot Service;
  • • To conduct type ratings on the aircraft;
  • • Will be required to perform duties assigned to him/her by the Accountable Manager;
  • • Ensure that he/she has done an adequate pre-flight inspection and has overseen re-fueling procedures even though the
  • student may have done so;
  • • Ensure that all problems experienced by students and/or nonperformance of students are brought to the attention of the
  • Accountable Manager;
  • • Ensure that the correct documentation is in place before each and every flight including personnel licenses, certificates as
  • well as the relevant aircraft documentation;
  • • Maintain due diligence to ensure the safety of all operational and instructional flights and discuss all issues which may affect
  • the safety of the operation with the Accountable Manager and/or the Aviation Safety Manager;
  • • Ensure the morale of personnel and/or students is maintained;
  • • Ensure compliance with Flight and Duty requirements and Instruction times;
  • • Plan daily flight missions in accordance with marine traffic demands and Port Control directives;
  • • Prepare aircraft resources and loading schedule for marine pilot transfer and Port related functions;
  • • Pre-flight checks and safety briefings to ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements;
  • • Transfer of marine pilots safely to vessels as they call and depart from the shores of the South African Port system;
  • • Compliance with SAMSA and the National Ports Act No. 12 of 2005;
  • • Evacuation of accident victims and persons in distress;
  • • Conduct port related flights in accordance with TNPA and customer requirements;
  • • Determination of flight routes (flight planning) in accordance with approved aeronautical requirements and charts;
  • • Liaise with Port Control and Air Traffic Navigation Services;
  • • Record take-off and landing times to fulfil scheduling requirements;
  • • Customer satisfaction performance;
  • • Log operational flight times and determination of mission efficiencies;
  • • Assist in delivering a 24-hour seamless operation to enhance port productivity in line with TNPA business objectives and
  • customer demands;
  • • Contribution to business reputational enhancement by minimizing incident and accident occurrences within the Port system,
  • by adherence to the strictest safety requirements;
  • • Prompt responses to Port Control directives to enhance ship turn-around times;
  • • Ensure that all incidents/hazards are properly notified to the appropriate Demands and Port Control directives;
  • • Plan daytime and night-time flight missions in accordance marine traffic;
  • • Ensure compliance with South African Civil Aviation Regulations;
  • • Ensure customer satisfaction and performance;
  • • Ensure prompt responses to Port control directives to enhance ship turn-around times;
  • • Training and development of Day Captains, Night Captains, Day Co-pilots, Night Co-pilots, Cadet Pilots and related
  • functional personnel;
  • • Receive daily operational reports from the Day and Night Captains; and
  • • Conduct Line Proficiency Checks on Day Captains, Co-Pilots and Cadet Pilots
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1 Sep, 2019

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