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Carlton Centre 150 Commisioner Street, 2001, Johannesburg
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12 Apr, 2019
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Senior Marine Engineer, Chief Harbour Master

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Job Presentation
To provide expert marine engineering service to Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) so that a high-level overview of
the location, use, and maintenance of marine craft across all the Ports is available for planning, monitoring and reviewing
purposes and high-level marine engineering expertise and advice is available to all the Ports and Head Office.

  • •Qualified Second Engineer Officer Unlimited STCW;
  • •Minimum of 8 years relevant experience operating as a Chief Marine Engineer in a large Port;
  • •Minimum of 3 years Marine Technical Management of TNPA tug boats experience within the TNPA port system.
  • •Preference will be given to individuals that possess a Diploma in Business Management.
  • Competencies :
  • •Marine craft;
  • •SAMSA requirements;
  • •Pilotage and towage;
  • •Naval architecture;
  • •Marine Engineering Practices;
  • •Procurement Practices;
  • •Marine Operations;
  • •Legal compliance as regards classifications;
  • •Marine Engineering.
  • •Project Management;
  • •Ship building;
  • •Open mindedness;
  • •Communication (verbal and written);
  • •Reasoned judgement;
  • •Engineering principles.
  • •Conceptual and analytical thinker;
  • •Results driven/focused;
  • •Strategic;
  • •Ability to manage programs, projects and contracts;
  • •Ability to manage risk and compliance;
  • •Inquisitive;
  • •Self-developer;
  • •Ability to manage and share information;
  • •Role models the culture and values;
  • •Embrace diversity.
  • •Source new marine craft and suggest modifications for customization to facilitate forward planning and to ensure that TNPA has marine craft available to contribute towards the operation of efficient and effective Ports across the country;
  • •Develop, gain approval for and communicate policies relating to the maintenance and operation of marine craft machinery so that a standardized approach is used across TNPA;
  • •Develop and ensure implementation of a national maintenance plan for marine craft so that the required levels of marine services in relation to crafts are delivered;
  • •Oversee the auditing and reporting of existing marine craft so that craft maintenance plans across the ports are adhered to;
  • •Oversee the project management of new building and other marine projects so that specifications and project deliverables are adhered to;
  • •Keep up to date with what marine crafts are available in the market place and what the future shipping trends are so that TNPA can keep up with the operational requirements of the marine industry and can meet the future demands of the tug power required at each of the Ports;
  • •Provide advice to Ports on marine engineering matters/incidents/statistics/breakdown for repair and non-occurrence so that managers at each Port have the required technical information to make informed decisions;
  • •Write specifications for the marine craft so that the needs of TNPA are clearly articulated and understood by potential suppliers;
  • •Develop, gain approval for and ensure the implementation of a national replacement strategy and plan so that each Port is able to meet its current and future traffic volume needs; and
  • •Inspect damaged vessels and advise Harbour Master of Port safety and vessels condition before being allowed into the Ports
Valid Till
2019 Apr, 18

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