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Excellent for a call center
Nicholus K assisted me with first class service. Answered all the questions and provided the necessary processes.
Well done support centre
Kind regards
Firstly I would like say POOR SERVICE From Takealot
I ordered these Fine living 21 set and got Safa Mafy 21 piece set
Logged a return and they came to collect the pots, today i am told there is no stock on the Fine Living-21 piece whilst they are still advertised on the takealot app and website. Beats me how they can be referred to as out of stock. Mind you I paid for these pots on the 25 August, they had a 3 days sale I got them at R1299.00 unfortunately for me i can't get the pots anymore because they went up from the initial price.
Not only did i receive wrong pots but they pasted the barcode of the pots i initially ordered the Fine living-21 piece on the wrong item. That is fraudulent, who does that.

Its both annoying and time consuming to be the one always following up no one bothered to update me on progress.

I want my money because clearly Takealot doesn't want my business
Terable customer service
Please do not buy from TakeALot. Their customer service is terrible, when I tried to phone then their agent did not listen and said "but the terms and conditions state...".

My frustration arise from my bank payment taking longer than usual to PayFast. When the payment did not reach PayFast, TakeALot cancelled the order (which in my opinion is totally acceptable).

My frustration is that when the money was available a few hours after the cancellation the price on the items changed. TakeALot refused to assist in reinstating the order, which meant a difference in R100 for R7500 order. This means that when I create a new order the new order will be cancelled because of delay in payment for each new order.
Faulty good, confirmed collection, never collected
I was delivered a Dedy tumble dryer that never worked at all. Had a confirmed return collection with SMS for 29 June. Still waiting. Help line not working. No email. No way of contact. I am direly I'll with Epilepsy and the the stress is not helping. Horrific service.
High Pricing
I always thought that Takealot were extremely competitive with pricing, however I have recently bought the identical spice rack, advertised on Takealot for R429 (with 21% off) at Gelmar for R99.00.
Aditionally, I bought a Ryobi belt sander, advertised at Takealot for R1,999, for R1,300 at brights.
Judging by the outrageous price differences, It would appear that Takealot make no effort to price check the items that are sold to them.
False advertising
A DVD was advertised at a certain price, now they discovered that the price is too low, and cancelled my order. This is false advertising - and even though they say they will refund me, a few lines further they mention that I can use this credit to purchase something else... hey I do not want to do business with you anymore !!!!
Returns due to their empty promises
Bought a DStv Decoder with installation and after it arrived there was no info on installing. Called to ask what was going on and was told they would get back to me. 24 hours later still nothing. Called again and was promised they would call me back and still nothing. Got fed up and told them I wanted to return the decoder. They collected the return and then declined my refund because they said it was Multichoice problem to replace defective equipment. The return was not for defective equipment but for defective staff. Still waiting.
no feedback
I made several attempts to purchase an item with this company phoned 6 times kept getting the same answer send a screenshot the fault is with my bank, my bank is absa private and I tendered a valid mastercard I phoned on Friday and asked to speak to the floor manager I was kept on the line for 17minutes I hung up phoned again later, gave my no and asked for the manager to ph me this never happened all my e mails you have and if you have telephone recording it will back this up. all I got was sorry and they had no solution think they were reading from a parrot card w gemmell