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Dr Chris Niemandt is the best fertility specialist ever!
I would recommend Dr C Niemandt to anyone who is trying to concieve. I have Pcos and was told by a few drs i would not be able to get pregnant without IVF. I started treatment with him earlier this year and is now 8 weeks pregnant. He has been positive and supporting since day 1. I am so gratefull i went to him. He is a wonderfull person.
best gynae ever
dr chris niemandt is the absolute best. ive walked a path with him already and now expecting my first very healthy baby boy. as a first time mommy im not stressed or worried about the delivery be it natural or c-section coz i know i am in the best possible hands. i would recommend him to any woman who wants honesty from the doc and brilliant service, dr niemandt is the way to go.
Dr Chris is the best gyne Iv come across in Pretoria. He explains everything in detail, listens to your concerns and gives very good advice and never makes you feel uncomfortable.
I also had a miscarriage before going to him and was almost certain that this was going to be a norm for me based on what my previous gyne told me. But Dr Chris told reassured me that he will do his best to guide me to carry to full term and sure case one year later I gave birth to my daughter whom is turning 2 this year.
Its rare to come across male gyne's like him!
I love hes reception/ assistant. Shes just super busy. And always friendly with me. Hes a great dr and i will reccomend him to all ladies.
Dr Niemandt is a good doctor. The admin ladies can however be more friendly and tactful .
Reply by Maxine van Zyl
29 Jul, 2014
I have been a patient of Dr Chris Niemandt since 1993. Dr Niemandt and his team are wonderful people and have always treated me and my family with the utmost respect and care! There is no better infertility specialist in South Africa! We are the proud parents of two beautiful children who both are a blessing from God through the hands of Dr Niemandt.
Reply by Zanie
17 Dec, 2014
Hi Carmen,

I have my first appointment with Dr. Niemandt the 28.01.2015 and am a little bit scared. I have just had my second miscarriage 3 weeks ago, suffer from pcos and endometriosis. Sooooo hope he can help me!!

thank you for the good review as I need it!

Baby dust
Reply by ZELDA
2 Mar, 2015
Hi Zanie

Dr Chris niemand is really good gyne and will help you get pregnant i m also seeing him coz i cannot conceive the only thing that puts me off is hes assistants they are very neverminded and rude.

Good luck please let me know how it went
Reply by Vivian
18 May, 2015
Took my daughter today with me to show her off to him, she is now 21 was born in 1994, he is still a caring and excellent Gyne. My first pregnancy was natural, but since I was only ovulating every 3 months had trouble to get pregnant again and did not want my kids far apart, so the second pregnancy I went twice for a series of injections with Metrodin, the second time worked and I had my son born in 1996,I praise God for giving people knowledge that helped me receiving one of the greatest gifts of live. One great tip his PA gave me is to go out the night relax and not even think about it.

God bless and all the best.
Reply by Anna-Marie Rosslee
24 Oct, 2019
Dankie dr Niemandt, ek was 22 jaar laas by 'n ginekoloog en het my vetroue so in dokters verloor.
Dankie dat jy my gehelp het dat daar klein probleem is wat met medikasie opgelos kan word, waardeer jou