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The following is a copy of the complaint sent to Chicken Licken via email:????

"Good evening We made a purchase today at a Durban Chicken Licken outlet and were horrified when we came across a roach in the coleslaw, just minutes after beginning our meal. (See photo) Yes, we returned the order and were refunded but are totally disgusted and unable to get over it. We are never going to eat from "any" of your branches again! Please note: We are willing to communicate ONLY via email.

This is the response we received with no apology or reference to the ghastly "roach"

"Good day,

Thank you for taking the time to send your complaint to Chicken Licken Customer Care.

We take all feedback received to help us in improving and maintaining our high service level and outstanding product quality.

It is vital that I get all the required information in order to proceed with you complaint effectively.

In order for me to proceed. Please send me the following information:


Please note our return/refund policy:

Should you not be completely satisfied with your meal you need to ensure the meal is returned to the store in the same condition and Chicken Licken packaging with your till slip.

If the food has been tampered with or discarded a replacement cannot be issued.

Kindly return the product back to the store.

Kind Regards,

Chicken Licken Customer Care

Careline Signature"
Poor service from the management nd their stuff...
Am a regular customer of the chicken licken in pretoria prinsloo Street...The whole stuff know me that I buy the food daily but today as I walked in the store I was pressed nd I wanted to use the toilet before i can decide to can get a thing to eat, but as the two managers were standing next to the till machine, the names are Philani & bella, philani replied - by saying I need to buy food first nd will give me a key to can use the toilet,I felt that so DISSAPOINTED as am a regular customer nd being treated like it was my first time in the store... Nd I walked out as I was diprived the toilet to help my self, I dicided to go else where just so I can use the toilet nd came back to the branch nd bough my meal, nd Aftr I needed to report this matter nd I was still made a fool of not been told where I can raise my complaint when I asked one of stuff members in the store... This was not the only iccident but previously I ate raw chicken nd I kept quite about but showed Bella the manager to sort it out so it doesn't happen ever again but today the same Bella diprived me of using their toilet when I asked nicely to use the toilet... This is so ridiculous nd unprofessional if this is the kind of customer service thy are trained to do... I won't ever forget this day in my life
Bad service
Staff and manager were swearing at me after i had ordered a meal and requested for no chilli meat whn i got home the meat was very chilli n i hve ulcer i called back the manager he said i should cum the next day wen i went there he was calling to insult me together with his staff chicken licken the bridge jhb cbd worst service ever
I am so unhappy with Chicken Licken from Bloed Mall in Pretoria, I am a regular customer my family and I buy from Chicken Licken 3 times a week, literally every week, On the 15th of Aug 2019 at 19:04 I went to buy 2 x Rock my Souls the meat was not well cooked, I asked the lady who assisted me to change the piece for me she gave me such bad attitude, she eventually did change the piece for me, only to find that the piece she gave me was off, I am very unhappy with the service given considering the fact that I am a regular customer this is bad
On 01 July 2019, I bought "Feed My Craving" at Chicken Licken, Paul Kruger in Pretoria at about 13:07. My Order number was #1119. On my arrival at the office, I could not believe what found in the box. There were several very small and hard wings that I have never saw before at any of their outlets. I really feel that Chicken Licken has failed me and I did not get the good service for my money. I would like to be reimbursed for the embarrassment that they caused, the time and money I wasted in their invaluable service. I have taken a pic of my till slip and of the food.
unprofessional code of conduct and lack of customer care
on the 11 of April 2019 at around 17h10 i phoned ormonde chicken licken and placed an order ; i informed the lady i spoke with that i will be there to collect my order between 18h00 -18h10 because i was going to work; after i dropped the call i realised that they did not give me the order number so i emmiditely called back to ask for the order number then the lady said there's no order number i must just give them my name and i told her when i called 2nd time around that my latest to arrive for collection of food will be 18h30. I drove to Ormonde Chicken licken from Ridgeway (which is out of my route on my way to work) when i arrived i went stood on the collection side and i was alone on that side and the other people were on the buying side so after some few minutes the lady that was on the till came to my side ignoring me then i greeted her and told her i was there to collect my telephonic order; she then shouted "telephonic order" while going back to the till and waited again for few minutes and the other staff members that were behind packing orders kept on gossipping amongst themselves and looking at me. I politely asked the lady that was on the till again then the other one emerged from the back (minding her own business) and the lady on the till asked her about the order she said she doesn't know anything and the one that was on the till said they must ask someone (she mentioned her name)at the back and someone shouted she's on the phone. I waited again then the one on till said there's no order that was after about 10minutes and i said thank you and left.I got into my car took my phone and called the same number i had called twice earlier; unfortunately i couldn't recognise the voice 8f it was of the same person u spoke with earlier and i asked about my order and the lady started by lying saying i said i will collect my food at 17h10 whereas i had called at that time then when she realised u was getting angry she then said i told them i will collect my food at 18h10 then i webt back with her to exactly what happened when i called at 1st then she then called out what i had order by then i was already rerversing ready to take off i'm not sure whether they could see me because she then said to me wait i'm coming to you; i asked her coming to me me where?) i dr9ve off then she said she's not the one that spoke with me earlier it was someone else i asked who she mentioned the name then i asked for her name then she mentioned the similar name and i asked if they've got the same name with the person i spoke to to earlier since she had said it wasn't her and i told her i will report this incident
Always buy chicken licken at the Glen. Always not happy with the pieces that I receive. Saturday 2nd of March I bought 4 boxes of rock my soul and each box has 2 breasts which I hate and 1 thigh.I told the lady I dont want sny centre breasts she said for niw she will do it but I cant choose what I want. Why dont they use the centre breasts for pop ups or something. Which person wanna enjoy a meal with a centre breast. My concern is that I am not asking for the meal I am paying for it. So please give the customer what is gonna make him / her happy. I called at the store they only hang up the phone. So the Glen chicken licken does not give the customers good service. Really not happy!!
So unprofessional
I'm at chicken licken tembisa north, the staff there are so unprofessional, chewing gum while serving and the noise of the ready, I was having lunch with my business partner, the volume of the radio is up the roof..really not happy.
Unhappy customer
Tday I went to chicken licken maponya mall I wasn't happy wen I took a bite at my meat de was a stone on it I just left my food thr I was so unhappy da service there was so bad
Stolen cellphone at chicken licken
its been a month since I complained no-one has ever came back to me, is it how chicken licken treat their customers. I lost a brand new cellphone I am still bitter I really love chicken licken most especially their hot wings but they way they are treating their customers its really bad. we will keep on loosing our asserts and they will say no cameras when we need footage.
Reply by Catherine
14 Sep, 2018
Question. You had the phone with you? Why must Chicken Licken pay for your new phone? This is South Africa. Keep your phone close to you. Its not Chicken Licken's fault it was stolen. Its your own fault. Be vigilant.
Reply by Unknowny
29 Jan, 2019
Catherine your talking nonsense. Who wants to be in a restaurant that is full of thieves.
Slow service
Chicken licken in seshego;polokwane;limpopo is rendering poor service when it comes to the drive is titled fly thru but at this particular store it's more like a crawl thru as you take 15min even though you are the only customer in the drive thru.
Customer Service

I went to Westgate chicken Licken, we placed an order, "feed my craving". Thabo the guy who served us did not bother to greet us, he was very rude, to the order and did not bother to inform us that the wings were not ready. He moved out of the counter in his brown slippers and spoke to someone and came back to serve other customers. 30 minstrel later when we questioned why we haven't received our order he doesn't bother to attempt to us as the person that initially served us. He straight out ignores us. His colleague only said "oh thank God I told my customers " no apology from anyone. Ended up asking for a refund. I can't believe I wasted 40mins of my time for nothing
Good morning,

I landed from Durban this morning at OR Tambo International and on my way out I stopped at your branch in the airport to get a meal. I ordered two pieces and a Big John burger meal. When the lady gave me my meal i asked her if it was two pieces and a burger meal and she said it was. I had to ask her for salt etc as she didn't bother to put any in for me. I was in a hurry to leave and when i got to work i got one piece of chicken and a burger with brown lettuce on it. In fact the lettuce was nearing black.

I am so angry because not only did a person i bought food for, not get their full meal but i paid the full price for nothing. It is seriously not on and robbery. I want a refund and i don't want to go to your outlet again i just want my money that was taken for nothing!
I had taken my family for breakfast and the chicken was dripping in oil I told them about it and the next chicken was burnt and dry Newcastle drive tru
Good day.

I just went to Chicken Licken Potchefstroom Die Bult and one of the staff member Dinah was very rude to me.

I don't think she should be working with clients if she is going to behave like that!!!!!!

The food was also not up to standard.

This is very disappointing because I regularly buy at Chicken Licken but I would rather support someone who shows respect towards customers.
Posting my complaint here, as it is seemingly impossible to complain on your website. I am severely dissappointed with the service we received at your Centurion Mall outlet. Your staff was so rude and so slow. We ordered food first, then after having paid for the food noticed you had milkshakes on offer, we ordered six and then started the most aggravating experience.
First she took the R200 note that I was paying with, left it on the counter and then proceeded to talk to her friends at the back. Finally she started making the shakes... what a ridiculous setup. First she would decant some snowfreeze into the jug, then unplug the whole machine, plug in a tiny milkshake maker intended for home use, then stood there easily 10 min "making" the shakes. Then she stopped, came back, ignored me, helped a new customer, talked to the friends again. By this time the food we ordered was sitting on the counter getting cold. As she proceeded back I asked her to please just process the order so that she could give me my change and we could at least sit at a booth and wait for her to finish.She became very rude, said that she wanted to finish making them and still went back to making the shakes. It was only upon my husband insisting that she process the order first that she reacted and did so, very rude. The food was cold, the chicken on the sliders were overcooked and dry. When she finally brought the shakes to the table, she slapped the tray down, no apology for keeping us waiting or even a smile.

How can you let people like this work with your customers. Sadly Dissappointed. Worst is there were so many of your staff just standing around doing nothing at the back..? Customers are clearly not the priority.

I have been to the chicken licken next door to arbour crossing in amanzimtoti. It was around 13h30. I went with a few work colleuagues after a meeting. The place really freaked me out. I always support the premises but via drive through. This was my first tym going inside as i had company this tym. Firstly there was only ONE female at the counter who had a headphone around her head taking drive through orders and counter orders. All females working in the back refused to come assist. I had to wait for so many cars to be served before i was asssisted at the counter. Then we ordered our food (which there was no problem with the food at all). We sat in the booth and started to eat. There was so much flys troubling us . Then i went to bathroom to wash my hands. The taps was not working and the toilet looked filthy and smelly. I told a lady why is it so filthy . She just looked at me
As we were eating the cleaner mopped the toilet and as she mopped the toilet she came out mopping the rrstaurant floor with the same mop next to us. We were all looking at that. Then we asked for the aircon to be turned on. They just said sorry it dont work. The place ran solely with no MANAGER on duty. I will not be supporting this branch anymore as i went with colleagues and was embarrased.

I must say I'm actually disgusted with your hot sauce price increase. who has a 100% price increase. U sachets went from R1 for 2 to R2 fro 3 overnight. Not even ur hot sauce bottle had such a increase... u guys don't even offer the consumer a win win situation.. like R2 for 4 sachets or something... no u go 100% increase... i love Chicken Licken and literally always buy by the fast food restaurant... If u guys are not doing well financially don't drain the consumer for cash.. remember in life its the small things that count the most.. since your disgusting price increase on hot sauce.. i vowed to never buy Chicken Licken... its been over 2 or so weeks... i'm not enjoying this decision... but its a joy to get so many of my friends to do the same... i'm really disgusted.

Former happy client
Your service at the new branch in Croydon is extremely poor, had to go back to the the counter 4 times to get the food i orderd, everytime time they got it wrong, then I complain to the manger onsite, and was offred a bribe instead of complaining,on your website, seriously, will never ever go back back to the new branch again
Good evening am currently from Zone 6 Diepkloof Chicken Licken#20:45# and i must say am not happy at all,the attitude i recieved from the manager#Junior#to my shock was not satisfying at all given her position.Got the wanting to order hotwings,so before placing an order i decide to find out 1st if they are available so i don't waste time standing in the line for nothing but eventually my time was wasted by not getting a response after waiting for more than 10mins
Worst Customer service ever

I would just like to advise of the very bad service I received from Patunia at Rosebank Chicken Licken. As we standing in the que to be assisted, I realise the cashier that was at the till is no longer there so I ask the 2 customers in front of me if they were assisted and where did the lady go that assists, the customer advised that the lady just left and he doesn’t know where she went as she didn’t say anything to them she just left. I than go to Patunia asking her to please call the cashier to please come and assist us, Patunia advises that she cashed up. I asked Patunia if she can than call the next cashier that comes after her, Patunia looked at me funny and said I AM COMING (WITH ATTITUDE) I just walked away back to the que with my tail between my legs as I did not expect that.

Patunia finished handing food to other customers and came to the till to assist, however she was not done with the attitude, when she got to the till the lady in front of us, asked why she didn’t say anything she just made is stand there (please note this was all said with calm voices) Patunia jumped made a noise and asked the lady with a funny look what did you expect me to do, if you think you can do this Job better come and do it yourself, I was shocked and said to her , “shame petunia you are not happy hey you must resign as that is no way to talk to a customer”

I am a person that works with customers on a daily bases and that is no way to respond to a client that is just asking for assistance, no one was complaining or anything we were just not sure of what was going on and asked to be help.

I am a big fan of CHICKEN LICKEN a very big fan I LOVE MY WINGS, however I will not buy food and be treated like that. Patunia needs to go for training again and Wendy whom we were told she is the manager by Patunia and we can come talk to her if we want while she was standing there must go for training as well because she did not even bother to ask what the problem was, while Patunia was having the time of her life making customers feel bad for wanting a service. I was very shocked. I wonder if Wendy even is the real Manager.
I am really disappointed by the Hatfield franchise. I bought 12 wings, today, that were clearly cooked in recycled oil. Not only were they dark brown in color, but they were also smelling of old oil.

This is just totally unacceptable!

I work for the largest company in this precinct and I am definitely going to create the awareness regarding this health hazard and waste of money. I had to throw the food away!
Hi there, I went to Chicken Licken at Bara Hospital in Soweto...I must say the service was very good. I waited for less than ten minutes although the queue was long. It was my second time going there and each time they served me with a smile. i'm very impressed the way they serve customer and all of them even the ones that clean the place...keep it up an i'm going to buy there again.
Food was greasy and oily i hated it chicken licken was my favourite bt not anymore im scared to go buy at secunda mall chicken licken and not stock on wings i feel abused why must i be scared to buy your food im really disappointed really hurt cse dis is a norm especially on sunday 1 of your cashier told me they dont change cooking oil as suppose to such dirty chicken agggg sies man i hate chicken licken now more than ever.

To whom it may concern

I've been meaning to complaint for quite some time now , but I just don't like complaining I felt it's serious and something I need to raise with your management

I normally go to your branch in goodwood(at the back of grandwest) I come all the way from Stellenbosch and I can honestly say I visit this branch atleast once a month

I've never ever received any type of customer service at this branch I do not mind waiting , that's not the problem the way the staff speaks is totally unacceptable they speak loud (not in English) they make you feel like they speaking about you
I've never seen a smile on one of the workers faces ever !!

I'm a very humble , respectful person and will always be kind to a person even though they though I don't treat me with any respect , however working in this field you need to have people skills , you need to be friendly with a warm personality

I've never approached one of these staff members cause I felt it was just not going to be worth It they've got an extremely negative attitude , never greets or welcomes me as a customer , I always have a sit in take away as I come all the way from Stellenbosch so I prefer eating there

it's so disappointing , it's clear that this staff is not managed at all , they do what they want , speak loudly (not in English) , never friendly ,

Mac Donalds drive through gives 1000 times better service than this branch ,

I really enjoy the food but after Saturday 25/02/2017 , I just had it I waited more than 30 minutes which I don't mind , I don't mind waiting but you need ask them when your order is ready they call once , or never what the f**** ??? they not paying me , I'm a paying customer , they have a stinking attitude rolls their eyes at a customer I mean what type of service is this

your staff makes me actually hate your food , it's definitely not worth it driving all the way from Stellenbosch for this type of service honestly

I'm in the HR field and I can clearly see you are not managing your staff at this specific branch at all , certain policies needs to be put in place to win over potential customers and to keep customer of coming back

it's really sad ..
I will not be coming back to this branch ever again , disrespectful , unprofessional and just plain rude staff
Chicken Licken on Sloane in Bryanston double charged me R325.50 on 22/12/16. I called the Margret Zulu. Margret was aware of the incident and apologised immediately. She sorted this issue out in less than half an hour. I am more than impressed with how she handled this. Amazing service from Margret. The industry needs more Margret Zulu's!
I was really disappointed with the taste of the chicken that I ordered today from the Bram Fischer branch - as it was my first time that I ordered from CL.

I am just hoping that your chicken is not always served so salty.

All the best.
Hi, what a crazy service from chicken licken, Durban city, smith street. Last Sunday I went there for wings, i got to the till, the teller decided to go to the rest room. Another came, she made me wait...when she finally served me she made me wait for over 15 minutes. I then complained. The so called manager came through, without even asking any question he served me as if I never complained. I tried explaining to him he didn't bother listening. When the tellers noticed that they were not repremanded they then started firing words back at me because their stupid manager was scared of them. They guy is not fit for the job.

The Manager was an Indian guy. The tellers with attitude were two african ladies. They all didn't have name tags.

I don't see myself going back there until something is done. I really wish a person in charge in that restaurant could attend to this. None of those people are fit to serve the public. Two other customers had to leave because of the appalling attitude from the staff. The service is worse there.
Reply by Henk
16 Dec, 2016
I cannot find any feedback from Chicken Licken staff here. I suppose they are used to receiving complaints. Back to KFC I go!
I bought a Family full house 8 while eating my chicken i found pubic hair in my chicken i am so disgusted with chicken licken at Sloane Square in bryanstan will neve buy from chicken licken again!

Hi I went to your branch in vosloorus gold sport I bought a lunch mael with soulslaw but they give me achear I waited for 45 minutes for my food, my order number was 2051 helped by lina Maluleke. I was not happy at all and I saw that on my way to work, date 29/11/2016
i sent my driver to buy me 3 piece with chipps at the Wynberg branck order number 20104. i said he must bring 3 pieces with chips which is R36 and i gave him the full amount. he was asked what he wanted and he said 3 pieces with chips. to his suprise he was told the money is short and he had to pay more which he did assuming it just went up. he never opened the meal and as soon as he got to the office they were no chips. i phone your head office spoke to Andrea which refered me to Jacky who just told me straight that i got what i paid for. Very Rude i must say. she didnt even bother to say i will investigate or something. instead whilst i was telling her that she is as incompetent as her staff she put the phone down on my ear. if head office fails to deal with complaints then where should we complaint. Jacky is rude i repeat as incompetent as her staff and i will never ever use chicken licken or your any other branch for that matter.
We we're at the Chicken Licken at the Franchise in East Rand Mall, at 18:06:45 on 22 November 2016.
Complaint: we ordered the new edition on the menu, 2 x the Top Deluxe (chicken boerie) for take away.
When we got home and wanted to enjoy our meal, it was unappealing, looked old. It was super dry, with almost no garnish. The little garnish that as on there, was three slices of pickled gherkins, there was a tad mustard. The buns were old. The chicken boerie patties was burnt and dry. the burger was dry.
To top it off, the Lettuce garnish, was wilted and almost half of it had a brown colour. It was OLD lettuce. We were expecting fresh made burgers. Not left over wilted, old bun burgers. It was inedible. I threw it away, I wasn't even going to give it to my dustbin executive. No one deserves to pay for their meal and eat that horrible meal. Money wasted!
The service was great, friendly and helpful. But the food was terrible. I expected much better, we are used to better food, especially if you are paying for it.
You can take our order number which was 10067 for the day of 22/11/16.

I was so embarrassed at Chicken Licken in Germiston next to Spar. Myself and my Team of 6 Management had a lunch sitting on the Couches. After we finished our Meal, we stood up and we were leaving, a Staff Member shouted from behind the counter and said; "Hey Please, clean your table before you Leave". Was so embarrassed this has never happened to my life, and to make things worse i am in the same industry of Hospitality running my own business. Training is needed for the staff.
Ordered chicken licken today at rosebank the staff has always had attitude and the service has always been ridiculously slow but today I ordered sliders and they decided to give me a half eaten bun. It is not like that is something you can miss when actually putting the whole thing together. You really need to send the Rosebank staff for retraining or otherwise shut the whole thing down.

I am a regular weekly traveller on weekends between Kuruman (Northern Cape) and Johannesburg. in both cases, frequently, your bread has been off and i enquired and was told that that is how it is delivered. this has happened to me numerous times both in your William Nicol franchise and Vryburg. how do i take my complaint forward? in Vryburg, your meat is too oily and had to throw it away a few times already.
Hi, disappointed to find raw meat from one of your stores at BP Glen wood


I'm very disappointed at de service I got at Alex chicken licken I bought 4 straight rock my soul dey we dry over cooked it looks like it was from yesterday's
i am a frequent customer of chicken licken in pretoria, pretorius street, today whilst awaiting for my meal, i witnessed the cook using his hands without any gloves drop the crumbed chicken from the bucket into the fryer, it was disgusting, shortly after that he used the same flour hands to clean the table with a filthy cloth. it was jus too disgusting.
Good day

diasppointed and upset with the quality of chicken that was sold to me yesterday at Fordsburg Plaza. The chicken was dried out no flavour, if i wanted Saturday food i wouldnt have bought the chicken.

my hard earn money is important to me R168.00 in total spent, was a disgrace with the quality received,

kind regards