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PLANET FITNESS - HEAD OFFICE, Contact Number, Call Centre
21 North Road, Illovo, 2193, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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+27 11 327 1808
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+27 86 149 6463
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horrilbe servives
How on earth do you deduct gym fees during this criss and two we can not even get hold of head office on the phone, this so unprofessional im very disguste with the service.
I canceled my membership
Can you guys please taking money from my account hence I have cancelled with you last year. I payed the penalty fee. And asked that my contract with would be canceled but it’s not done. R500 was taken from my account but I don’t use your services.
No service to customers In the time of the Pandemic
I have had so many issues with planet fitness from sales representative & gym manager lying to get me to join the gym and getting no help with the issues thereafter, all I get told is the representative & manager have left so can’t help you.

Now due to Covid-19 I cannot go to gym as a precaution and to prevent spreading of this pandemic. Everywhere everyone is saying stay at home, all planet fitness has to say is we have already submitted your debit order so you have to pay full amount even in the time of this pandemic.

Pathetic service all they are interested in is taking our money. Cannot even cancel my membership as they say I have to pay the rest of the fees upfront and then cancel.
Pathetic Professionilism
My list of issues with Planet Fitness is long which is sad because the facilities themselves are great.
I am a member of the Pietermaritzburg Midlands Mall gym and have never had to pay before to feel so unwelcomed and so disgusted in professionalism of staff`
The front receptionist has now on three occasions insulted me to the point of antagonizing me as I walk through the door staring straight ahead of myself. Her lack of professionalism has extended to her talking about me and it making its way back to me. The staff do not even acknowledge you when you walk in the door. The announcements over the intercom systems are sometimes 5 minutes apart and always regarding closing time as if to remind us we are not welcome. The music is always at what seems to be at a level that you can hardly hear and is often not the type of music that should be heard in that environment. They play things such as Peppa Pig on the TV where there are no children 90% of the time. This is how the receptionist began her dislike for me as I asked why Peppa Pig was on the TV. I admit that I did use the F word in my question but it was by no means in aggressive manner but her response was “cause no one watches is so I don’t bother. The new manageress seems to fuel the behavior of the receptionist as she walks to the front desk every now and then and indulges in some staring in my direction with the receptionist. Management walks around on their phones the whole night to the point that they don’t notice the cleaning staff wiping the treadmills that clients are on at 8.30pm. This has happened to me personally twice in the last week. About a week ago they just decided at 8pm to close the kids facilities, what about those that arrived at 7.45 with children? After a year of my contract I was instructed I had to purchase a tag for my daughter which was not stated when I signed up. I started with an off peak and upgraded my contract, at that time the salesperson said there was a promotion running and I would get the package at R600 not R660, I’ve paid R660 every month still. I see clientele being shown around the gym, completing their card and getting their rewards, I was never even given a card. I go to gym because I want to unwind and lose weight but find myself leaving earlier than Id like to avoid the staff members.
With a new gym having just opened up around the corner, you would think they would have upped their standards not dropped them so drastically
illegal sales tactics
illegal sales tactics

I write this with such a huge disappointment and mostly anger.
I wanted to join the gym on the 23/4 of Sep I was approached by a representative by the name of Tumelo Malambule who mislead me and advised that I will be able to gym with my daughter by paying R349.00 for the both of us when I went to the gym that was not the case.
therefore he organised that I speak to the sales manager there by the name of Prosper Maphosa, who was by the way very rude. He didn't want to help, he just said Tumelo mislead us and if I want the cover with my daughter I must pay R749 which I will never ever afford. he then said I should send him a formal email which I did send on the 30th of Sep 2019. I have been following up with him to when will this membership be cancelled and no response from him.
I have explained that “The term in the contract that’s preventing me from cancelling is an “unfair term” under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It should be removed from the contract, allowing me to cancel my membership.”
Taken that I was misled by your representative Tumelo Malambule. I believe this is a void and unenforceable if you are induced to sign any willfully false or misleading information, representation, or advertising by the gym.
I feel that I have been subject to aggressive and possibly illegal sales tactics.
I have been going to the gym and calling for him and still no response.

Cancelled my beneficieries contract after two months
In August 2019 i signed up a contract at Planet fitness in Brakpan.The sales lady gave me and my sister's daughter a special offer as it was a women's day special.I signed the contract and was informed that my sister daughter could gym with me under the same contract.She was even given a tag.Two months into our contract she was blocked and i was told we have to renew her contract as her contract expires.I demanded to speak to the manager and he told me its the companies policy that she have to be my daughter to enable her to gym under my contract otherwise she have to sign up a new contract.I told him that the sales lady was fully aware that she was not my daughter when we signed the contract two months prior and she did not mention that its against the companies policy.He also said she is off sick and can't defend herself.I said then i want to cancel the contract as this is not what i signed up for.He coldly told me to phone in to cancel my contract if i wanted to and also informed me that i will be liable for the cancellation cost.I am very dissapointed in the way the matter was handled by the manager and i feel i was tricked into signing a contract.Why was i only informed two months after the contract was signed.I urgently need someone to investigate and give me feedback regarding this matter
Signed my contract without my knowledge
I wanted to join, they took my details to be signed onto the wrong membership. Money is not deducted out of my account. I call to query and my cases just get closed with no feedback!!!
Planet Fitness - Worse ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a new member at Planet Fitness Brakpan. I had a free month membership but on the 1st of the month they started to debit my account. I have phoned head office so many times and yet they did not fix the problem. They told me that they will refund the incorrect amount and correct our debit order amount, but again they took the same amount. After 3 months still the same problem. They actually how me money but now its time to pay a levy fee of R399.00 after 3 months of your contract. That payment is for the maintance of the gym after we pay so much already a month. They lie to their members and just don't care. I am so fed up with this gym and will never in my life recommend Planet Fitness to anyone. If you ask them to phone you back they never do it and i have to waste my own time to keep phoning them. The call centre never gets back to you. And they now refuse us to enter the gym of a levy fee.
The worst service ever!
They take money out of your account just as they please. There is no service at the "call center". Wish I never joined! How is it that a company like this has so much complaints and cancellations and still do business?
Cancelled my membership but l am still debited
I phones planet fitness menlyn and informed them l want to cancel my membership.They advised me that l should email which l did and gave notice.
Noone ever replied me when l call no one answers the customer contact calls.
Noone calls back.
They did not even call me to tell me my contract is expiring.
Who does that when l joined they never told me about auto renewal.

Now tgey debit my account.
Planet fitness is full of croocks.
Cancel my account dont be like that l will

YouR membershipS are not even what you say they are.
I would rather go to virgin ACTIVE.USELESS
Poor Service
I have joined planet fitness in August 2018 we agreed that money should be debited on 15th of every month but to my surprise money is debited on the 1st,25th,3rd or twice a month.I have tried to fix it,nothing has changed.They have sent me messages that they are taking legal action,i don't know why because im up to date eith my payments,maybe one should take legal action against them.
Ceo if ghix company need to act!!!
Reply by Lindsay
6 Jun, 2019
hie please contact the National Black Consumer council on 011 406 9483 free asistance
Most pathetic service ever!!!!!
I am a new member at Planet Fitness Moreleta Park. The sales consultant lied to us about the contract fees and after we signed the contracts she went and changed that amounts without our knowledge. I have phoned head office so many times and yet they did not fix the problem. They told me that they will refund the incorrect amount and correct our debit order amount, but again they took the same wrong amount. They lie to their members and just don't care. I am so fed up with this gym and will never in my life recommend Planet Fitness to anyone. If you ask them to phone you back they never do it and i have to waste my own time to keep phoning them.
Awful Service
I’ve been a member at Planet Fitness from December 2018, at first, it was an amazing experience. It felt like home away from home, a place to unwind, a place to just be at peace after a hectic shift at work or a kick start to your day. A place that is supposed to give you that extra bit for the day…

But, unfortunately that is not what my experience at Planet Fitness was like. It was disappointing to see that gym fees are so high, but it’s not as good as the Roodeport one, it’s just…basic.
There’s not much interesting to do at the gym and it’s very limited as to workouts.

There are various costs that suddenly pop up, firstly the fees for the month are already killing, then there’s so many other additional fees… for what exactly as it’s not one of those top-notch gyms, maybe just has a high name.

When signing my gym contract I was given that card for a tog bag, was explained that it runs through 8 weeks, I did bring to their notice that I work shifts, unlike normal workers, if I’m lucky I get around 2-4 days off for the month, I was told that it’s fine.
On completing my 16 workouts, I go to claim my bag and was told I’m a day late, technically just hours late, as embarrassing as it was, I pleaded with sales manager saying that I did explain to the consultant that I work shifts and I’m not exactly a day late, it’s technically 2 hours, but I was ignored, I sat and waited, requested to please speak to her again… but she blatantly ignored me and wasted my time!

My point here is not about the bag, my point is about the customer service,
1. You do not disrespect a customer- that’s a rule of customer service
2. I informed the consultant that I might not be able to come every day, and being a few hours late, I don’t see an issue
3. How does Planet Fitness expect me to give a good review or refer a friend???
4. Being unhappy, how do you expect me to come back and train?

Ever since the 04.02.2019, I’ve lost hope in coming back to Planet Fitness, it was the worst experience ever. I’ve been a member at Virgin Active and have never been treated that way.
MY daughter has been trying to cancel her contract and cant get ahold of anyone. Her contract has expired and they keep exploiting her as she is still a student. Check out Hello peter for all the comments
Reply by Barbara
16 Apr, 2019
True. Even myself I be calling wanting to cancel the contract but no luck.worst part I haven't went to the gym to excercise since day I joined I called in to explain I'm already pregnant I wasn't aware before I joined the gym but still they won't cancel. You call their customer service it rings forever without an answer.The is deductions from my bank account of huge amounts which I don't understand is for what. I need clarity and cancelation please
Reply by Drieka Botha
13 Sep, 2019
Can anybody please tell us who to contact because they automatically renewed my daughters contract even though she cancelled telephonically and now claims thousands of rand! She is as student. PLEASE
The do not even deserve one start
They quick to take double payment but can never answer calls or emails relating to why such was taken off. Worst service ever
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25 Jul, 2018
Please send me the name & email address of your Regional Manager in Johannesburg
lesley Henderson
30 Jan, 2018
Firstly, does anyone work at Head Office - Both Rivonia and Bedfordview head offices don't answer their phones or return calls?
Secondly, what is it with Planet Fitness that they refuse to accept that members give notice to cancel memberships and continue charging fees after termination?
Looking at all the questions on this page, which have not been answered, clearly, this is how PF rolls. But I am tenacious and will get this resolved!!!
Margaret Nkosi
20 Feb, 2017
I wish to cancel my membership because I'm relocating from Johannesburg to Durban. Pls can I get any assistant it cancelled.
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21 North Road, Illovo, 2193, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa Get Directions
The Planet Fitness Group kick-started in October 1995 with the vision of becoming the most loved health club in South Africa, and beyond. We have steadily grown since then and we now boast 30 clubs across the Planet Fitness, Planet Platinum and JustGym brands. You’ll find us all over the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape too.

Planet Fitness isn’t your typical gym where everyone is just trying to outdo everyone else; it’s a place where everyone is welcome, where friends hang out, in a great atmosphere. We are all about helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals; you’ll find our experienced and friendly staff right where you need them. Sure, starting an exercise program isn’t easy…but we promise to be right beside you every step of the way. We’ll start you off with a complimentary induction session to ensure that you are comfortable and know how to use all the equipment and facilities.

Speaking of which, our facilities are world-class and immaculate; and we are constantly introducing exciting new training programmes and classes to keep things interesting. We help you find balance, a healthy lifestyle and a better way of living.

How do I cancel my membership with Planet Fitness?
To cancel your Planet Fitness membership: You must either go to you local Planet Fitness to fill out a cancellation form, OR send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to the club, requestion cancellation. You must provide: Statement of intent to cancel membership.
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Monday:08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday:08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday:08:00 - 17:00
Thursday:08:00 - 17:00
Friday:08:00 - 17:00

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