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Bad service
Good day
I am very disappointed in Kia Edenvale. I bought a Kia picanto from Edmund in the beginning of June. It was a cash deal.
It is now almost 2 months since I have the car I phoned Edmund a few times o find out why I have not recieved the licence and the registration papers. He said it will be courierd but still not recieved it. I visited the branch on Saturday 26 July and he was not available. His colleague said he will have him or the manager to call me on Monday. It is Wednesday already and no one called. I also asked him to send me a copy of the 30000km service witch they said was done but it is not written and stamped in the service book. I took the car on 30707km on the clock.
I want this to be looked at and also to make sure that the service were booked on the computer as well to make sure the service record is up to date
I want a printed copy of he service record. The licence disc on the car expires on the 31st of July.
Mrs J J Strydom
Dealing with the Dealer Principal Renaldo Singh from Kia Randburg comes with great disappointment.
I purchased my Kia Rio from Kia Weltevreden 4 years ago, from then the sales consultant, Renalado.
I approached Renaldo in selling my car on the 22nd July 2020 , of which Renaldo requested that I bring my car through for an evaluation/offer, we confirmed a price and he promised they would send through the evaluation by that afternoon so that I could send this through to the bank to start the process so that the bank could contact Renaldo.
I have been waiting since the 22nd July to yet receive this info.
Following up on numerous occasions with Renaldo, excuse after excuse and the promise was to send the info, still to no avail, once again following up .. the response yesterday 27th July "Hi Ann. I'm really sorry and I'll get it sorted".. still no feedback or evaluation/offer after saying he will get it sorted I called today 28th July .. not acknowledging that his service is bad and getting upset with me because I've queried this, now retracting and saying he doesn't buy cars and he has more important issues that hes running around with.
Please to note* not once did Renaldo make contact with me since the 28th July, I have had to follow up continuously.
Kia has just lost a client !! My Son was going to go and see Renaldo with a view to possibly purchasing a car.In other words 2 clients lost and more..
Really disappointment, in these times clients are all important doesn't matter how big or small they are. Even if they might not win with a deal right now, they should think long term for a potential future deal.
This is not the kind of service that I would expect from Kia and most of all not from the Dealer Principal.
KIA Roodepoort - Incompetence to resolve an issue
KIA Picante 2012 model : All warning lights is on when you start the car and it keeps on. I have immediately taken the car to the agency and they had a quick check and somehow the lights was off. Within a week the same symptoms was back R1200-00 later with vehicle left for 4 days in workshop Guess what less than a week the lights was back on the car went back now it’s in again for the 4th time and it normaly spends a week there with them trying to found the issue. I was supposed to receive the car today and just receive a call that they are still busy and not sure where the issue is You take the car to the agent as you except them to escalate to higher support from Kia if they can’t resolve the issue here it seems lets fool around maybe we will get lucky This is totally unacceptable and I will never sent or recommend KIA again to anyone
I request a customer manager from HQ to get involved and assist KIA Roodepoort and get this issue resolved I will not be liable for any damage if something goes wrong on the car as the warning lights burn permanently and you have no idea if there is a issue or not
Kia The Glen: Terrible customer service and concern
To whom it may concern.

I have had the worst experience purchasing a vehicle from Kia Motors The Glen.
We bought a VW vehicle from Kia Motors The Glen, before we purchased it my husband (who is a motor vehicle quality controller) advised them of certain issues. They advised they will have it fixed before we collected. We collected the car, and 3 days later we went back to Kia because there was a rattling noise and the breaks were not okay, they also needed to replace the cars middle console because it was broken.
We were told that the breaks were new and needed to be ridden in. We were also told they are waiting for the part from VW and when it comes that is when they will take the car to sort out all the issues.

We then went into lockdown, and obviously nothing could be done.
When Level 3 came into place, we went back to get the licence disk of the car and they booked the car into VW for the Wednesday. We went to VW and they wanted to know who was going to pay for the stuff as the car was not booked under Kia.
We then went back to Kia and spoke to Mark who said the car would be sorted out.
The next day we were told to take the car back to VW as it was now booked in correctly. It has been 3 weeks without a car, Kia does zero follow up with us to advise us on what is happening we are the ones doing all the run around and then tell us that they are doing us a FAVOUR!!!!. They did not even provide us with a courtesy car.

Today we are told they are not going to pay for the fixing of the breaks because that is wear and tear and that we had driven 9000 additional KM's.
Bearing in mind that we took the car back 3 days after it was purchased to advise them about the breaks, now they refuse to take responsibility.

Pathetic service, I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH KIA THE GLEN OR ANY OTHER KIA FOR THAT MATTER EVER AGAIN. They are quick to sell you a car but dont deliver on the promises.
Disgusting that people are treated like this.

I am going to use every single social media platform to advise future customers of this disgusting service and ability to take responsibility.
Unethical business practice
I am extremely disappointed with how Kia Roodepoort treated after I had an agreement to buy my car but they have been taking me for a ride until I took the car back but guess what they have changed the car into dealership stock without paying me first and misplaced my service book which makes it hard for me to sell the car on my own. I have never seen such incompetency were people don't even know their own process. I regret doing business with them ?
Good Experience Turning Into A Bad Real Quick Kia Goldreef
Dear Kia ,

I trust that you are all well.

I am just so disappointed in our things are turning out to be after taking delivery of the car.

We bought a vehicle ( C200 ) and collected it on the 6th of June 2020 of which it came back on the 12th of June because the Bluetooth and USB part was not functioning . On the 12th they confirmed the Bluetooth is working i just missed a step in setting up (Fair) but they confirm USB port is not working , vehicle was sent to Merc and they gave us a car to use. The vehicle was collected on the 13th at 1pm , the guy tested the USB all function sorted. I was setting in the front left side and him driver's side. I then came out and drive car home part it since then , to my shock now as i was putting bag at the of clothes found that the back seat clip is broken and seat not clipped back on , seems that when they worked on the car they took the seat off when they put it back broke one of the clips on the seat and left it like that.

In the first please a check was meant to be done that the vehicle is fully functional before client takes delivery , I should not be the one pointing things out that are not working.

This shouldn't be the time I am writing bad review and or email with a car collected in less than 2 weeks.

For all its worth at this point is to point out the good work Lehlohonolo Percy Moloi put in and how he treated us is memorable from a client service perspective but somethings are out of his control that just tarnish the customer experience journey at this point.

Kind Regards,
Benjamin Simelane
082 3251296
Contract signed in Jan 2020 advised to take pictures for the car to be fixed car dent with chipped bonnet while waiting sales consultant resigned so called the mngr who promised to call me back, still waiting 5 months after

Failed promises from the staff(KIA EDENVALE) don't care about about customer once the deal is done
Bad service
I bought a car with a 3 year service plan but now they refuse to service my car and keep on making excuses as they want me to pay cash.upon purchase the sales lady failed to be honest info and to be trasparent with me.she said im only allowed to book my car after 15000km milieage and today i am being given a run saddens me and unfair to be treated like this
KIA Rustenburg... no words for BAD/WORST service EVER!!!
16 March 2019 I traded my Quashqai in on a OpelAstra at Rtb-KIA.

When wanted to test drive at first,it had no gas,so, sorry for us...we had to return the next day. (First RED FLAG)

Then the day of collection,
16 MARCH 2019...

Driving to Pta from Rtb...before w reached the 1st tollgate the engin light went on...we phoned them immediatly and was said to bring the car back to the dealership that following Monday.

So it went on NUMEROUS TIMES,where the would keep the car for days on end...
The next time it was for a week.

In total we returned it 6 times.


24 DECEMBER 2019 the car overheated,

I phoned the sales person (Who sole me this problem...just as i did in all 6 previous cases)to help with our warrantee.

(And R5 000 payment on warrantee shortfall)

The sales person that helped us, resigned...
So the New Second-Hand-Manager is trying to sort out that mess.

But STILL no car.

They want to settle and help with a new deal..but the installment will be high and what happens the year that was paid off???

I want a trustwothty car with same size, space, features and installment as what we were promised on our purchase of the Astra

And taking back the Astra will mean its a recon-engin(that I wont trust)...

I had so much faith in Rtb Kia...
If I knew what i know

Releasing vehicle back to client with faulty brakes
The Picanto was booked into Kia Pinetown with defective and faulty brakes complaint. Brakes was "fixed" according to the workshop staff and the vehicle released back to the customer as "safe to use". A day or two later the brakes failed again, this time in early morning traffic. Vehicle booked back in again and this time the master cylinder was replaced at huge cost.
A formal letter of complaint was submitted to the workshop manager with questions requiring answers for clarification. A week later, no reply. A formal request was submitted to Kia head office Complaints Department to contact the customer in order to discuss the matter at senior level, guess what...No reply!!. I wonder if going the newspaper route will have any positive reaction from Kia??.
No Service History
Yesterday I logged a complain with kia customer care agent said she will contact me back and get in touch with branch manager of Diepriver Kia,I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a service history book and was informed that there is no service history of the picanto I bought on record or on the system.The manager at kia diepriver Rhyno does not return my calls i have left multiple messages .This is poor service.All the stories you read about of dodgy car dealerships and the customers stories I'm experiencing now.A reputable dealership as Imperial Kia in Diepriver does not care everybody their has is professionalism .I will definitely now be taking this matter to ABSA as they where told the car has a service history.
Bad service
I purchased a car in August 2019 by Kia Nortcliff, but im still waiting on a few things they need to assist me with. Never get any feedback regarding my queries i must always contact them. I need help urgently!!!!
I believe Kia is generally useless when it comes to servicing their customers.perhaps they choose who they’d like to ‘fully’ assist.

I bought my vehicle at Kia in Roodepoort in 2018 and never got a service book despite requesting for one numerous times.Although I got a great service from the sales person(Bali).

I was never told that the cars service terminates at 60 000 kilometers instead my understanding is that it ceases at 120k kilometers.

My last service(60000)however,was at Kia the glen and they knew that my vehicle needs attention and never did anything.they practically left it as is.

Now I have to spend money on things such as batteries,wipers,brakes etc out of my own pocket when my car had a damn warranty.what a rip off.heading to the ombudsman for this one.and there’s more by the way.liquid capital are crooks too.SIES!!!
Kia The Glen service is wack
I brought my car Thursday the 12th of December in the morning for a clutch problem. They only logged in the claim to the warranty on Tuesday the 17th after a number of phone calls that I made to them and the the warranty. So for three working days they have been telling me my claim is awaiting authorisation. They do not give feedback. They do not make follow up. As if is it's 6 days without my car. I'm counting
Disgusted and Angry
To who t may concern

I would like to extend my outmost dissatisfaction with Kia Bryanston (William Nicole). There is absolutely no respect for clients. When we drop off our cars for service we are made to wait for drivers and we are patient regardless of us being late for work or not. A week ago they called me to tell me the driver was outside . I went outside only to wait for a full hour outside calling them and getting messages that they will locate the driver and call me back. After almost four calls I called them back to find out that the driver was still in the office and only making his way to me. The rain caught up with me and I had to uber there to get my car. Today the driver called me at 2pm while I am in an important meeting and told me my car is ready and I have to come get it, when I told him that I am still in a meeting he should at least come around 3pm he told me that they don’t deal with customer time. He then referred me to someone who indicated that my line was bad. He hanged up and I called back. When I called back I was told that they will locate the driver but no one got back to me. I called them twice again with the same story and when I called them again they told me that they were told that I don’t need to be picked up. I was made to wait for a call back while they were engaging with their management regarding picking me up. After a while I was called only to be told that the driver will be here in 20 minutes.

I would like to understand that is this the service that KIA Motors provides their customers? I am truly annoyed and disgusted by this kind of experience. One lady even took a taxi to work in the morning after waiting for that long. I don’t think I will recommend KIA to any of my family, friends or colleagues. This is really unacceptable
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Patrick mashego
5 May, 2019
I bought a foulty car but still have no help from the dealership
Gregory Cloete
4 Feb, 2019
Where can I, a very dissapointed client can complain? E-mailadress please.
Joseph masega
2 May, 2018
Kia brits are taking customers for granted especially their manager Mr Rodolf van Der merwe, since I was promised a spare key now is almost a year. Employee are protecting de manager by not telling the true about whereabouts of him. I bought a rite off vehicle from Kia what a sheim.des Criminal mentality of taking money from poor clients must be stopped.
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5 Herman Road, Edenvale, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa Get Directions
We were established in 1971, by the Grace and Blessing of God.

We are a passionate, excellence driven, dynamic group.

The Group will soon be opening the seventh franchise, spread out over South Africa.

Our Commitment of Service Excellence to our customers over 40 years has made us one of the Top Customer Satisfaction Dealers in South Africa at all branches.

Our Customers experience the highest level of commitment to service excellence in the industry.

We showed our appreciation to our customer base by building one of the first Total Green Dealerships in South Africa, and even installed under floor heating.

With our approach with the newest technology and integrative customer systems, we are at the forefront of delivering the highest customer service.

With our special tailored packages we can offer our clients the widest range of options on vehicle finance, available on the market.
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