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I rang Nando's Glenwood 3 times, as was kept on hold. I was about to put the phone down on the third attempt, deciding I won't order from Nando's again. The gentleman who answered the phone and took my order was incredibly rude. He was abrupt and unhelpful. He really should not be answering your phone or taking orders. He came across as board and completely disinterested - the wrong impression for any kind of service industry. I was then told it could take up to an hour before delivery - I ordered 3 items. I don't order often, so am speaking from limited experience, but when I do I have never had to wait for 1 hour. When I confirmed, '1 hour' he merely repeated me - again, zero interest in the customer. I am afraid I will never order from Nando's Glenwood again.
Nando's is delicious! Everything always taste so fresh. The food is pretty healthy and well seasoned.

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