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Rubber in my Easter egg
Was enjoying my first bite of my beacon chocolate Easter egg only to bite on something hard. A piece of rubber! Had this been given to a child I would have been worried! I've emailed a complaint but have not heard back yet. Disappointed ????

Open our box of Easter eggs on Easter Sunday , to find the eggs looking like this and they don’t taste very nice .
Not very hygienic to find packets open in the box.
This was a from a box of 48 eggs , where majority look like this
White chocolate tumbles
Hi. I have a good suggestion for you. Over Christmas time Cadbury. Chocolates bring out a limited edition of white chocolate whispers which are extremely tasty and are sold out very quickly, why don’t you guys bring out a white chocolate tumbles ,I think they will go down very well
Too small
I would like to know why your chocolate bars are shrinking. ....its getting smaller by the people this is unecceptable. We are not paying half money so why are we getting half slabs. I love your product. Also I would love it if you bring back the caravan bars. Why was it taken off the range. It was my only favorite bar ever.
Jelly Tot chocolates
Hooray ???????????? well done. I opened my 1st loaded slab of chocolate. The norm is many squares with no tots. After many many slabs of the only chocolates I buy, every square had at least 2-3 tots. What a delicious surprise. Looking forward to future loaded slabs.
Beacon allsorts chocolate flavour
I am a chocoholic as well as addicted to licorice allsorts. I hope the person that came up with the idea of chocolate flavoured licorice allsorts gets a raise or promotion. This was the best idea ever! Everything I need in one pack!
Mice taste
Bought my beacon mallows mice. Had a funy taste. At the bottom was sour jelly babies

Worm in my chocolate
I went to purchase my favorite chocolate at spar crossways on the Bluff and to my horror as I opened the wrapper, I was greeted by a worm making it's way out of the chocolate. Totally off putting.
Not happy at all bought myself a turkish delight slab just to start eating and there is no turkish delight in only normal milk chocolate

12 Aug, 2017
Same here, lol but I have logged a complaint...............
I have purchased chocolates from Gateway Game store. It was a beacon tv bar cluster. As I opened it I have found a cob Web on the chocolate and a small hole in it.

I am a very dissapointed customer with the way Beacon has put up the prices of your Easter eggs.For the average person that wants to make their kids happy by buying your Easter eggs but makes it vertually impossible to biy your East eggs because the way you have put up your Easter eggs up so much making it impossible not to buy.Its so dissapointing for our kids not to have any Easter eggs.Also please stop false advertising that if you find the golden egg you win so much.All a big hogg wash just for people to buy your Easter eggs.Last year we were lucky to have quite a number of marshmallow eggs because of my customers who bought for my children and grandkids.We send over 100 sms when we found the golden egg not to even win a prize.Please stop doing that to people because there are people who are just living from day to day to survive.The win a million is all a lie.Please Beacon stop it.Dont do that to people.
12 Aug, 2017
I agree 100%. My five year old son thinks the Easter Bunny is a "rip off" now (thats his own words) as we also entered numerous times and won NOTHING. He does not even want to see the Easter Bunny again.
bought my favourite beacons ivory cream slab. very disappointed. got thru the top 4 pieces and then to my horror some black stuff is embedded. have taken a photo.couldn't make out what the stuff is. a dead fly maybe or charcoal bits. eeeugh.
Good day to you, i went to my local shop and being a chocaholic i spied this "new" beacon slab that caught my eye, it was propped up at the till so i purchased two....WOW WOW melted in my mouth mmmmmm so yummy.....i've searched at the big supermarkets but its not on their shelves

I am so agrieved I bought a TV bar at checkers Westgate full of Maggots I have pictures
Good Morning
I bought a box of beacon marshmallow easter eggs, we got 2 golden eggs in them but when you try to sms your lucky number through it says the sms has failed.
In my mind this seems to be false advertising. Do you only get through once the date for submission is closed??
12 Aug, 2017
Same here. The Golden egg wouldn't go through but the normal ones did. Still didnt win anything though.....
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anna van der merwe
13 Aug, 2017
Why is liquorice twists/strips not available anymore any where?
zeyn mahomed
28 Jul, 2017
Can i get an answer please. i asked what email should i use to report a faulty product?
12 Aug, 2017
Try this email: The sharecall nr that I called today (Saturday), is not within working hours but I managed to find an email address. Wonder if they will respond.............
Zeyn Mahomed
27 Jul, 2017
Can i get you guys email address due to complaint on stale product
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36 PHILLIP FRAME STREET, JACOBS, , Rossburgh, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa Get Directions
How it all began
The story of Beacon began in January 1931 when Hymie Zulman, an emigrant from Lithuania, arrived in Durban and, for £500 pounds, bought Durban Confectionery and Spice Works, which had recently closed down.

Mr Zulman had been in South Africa for eight years by that stage and had learnt to speak some English. He had worked in the old Transvaal in a variety of jobs, which included being a Tea Room assistant, working in a confectionery and bakery factory, then a small sweet factory and finally running his own trading store. He married Mary Zulman in November 1930 and they arrived in Durban in January 1931 to start a new life together.

Durban Confectionery and Spice Works (DCW) was a small double-storey building in Commercial Road, situated near the Durban Station and alongside Lockhat Bros, a very big and successful wholesaling company. It was old Mr Lockhat who in the early days used to lend Mr Zulman money on Fridays to pay wages. Mr Zulman would repay MrLockhat on Tuesdays when the big bazaars paid for their sweets, a cycle of events which continued until Mr Zulman was able to run without that weekly support.This arrangement established a permanent friendship between the Lockhat and Zulman families.

Hard work pays off
Through hard work and good service, the business gradually grew. Mr Zulman travelled to England in 1936 where he bought some second-hand machinery and in 1938 purchased a one acre site in Gale Street where a two-storey factory was built, occupation of which was taken in 1939.

Unfortunately World War II had just broken out, but despite the difficulties, the company progressed and it was soon after the war ended that Mr Zulman again visited the UK. During this trip he saw a neon light advertisement in the shape of a lighthouse, which gave him the idea to use this motif and brand Beacon.

By this time Durban Confectionery Works/Beacon was producing a range of boiled sweets, toffees, paste goods, pannedsugar items and a small range of chocolates.

A world of possibilities
In 1949 Maynards, the well known English confectionery manufacturer, decided to invest in South Africa and acquired a shareholding in Beacon Sweets, and so began the manufacturing of Maynards Wine Gums in South Africa in 1949.

It was soon realised that the Gale Street factory was no longer big enough to house the rapidly expanding business, and a six acre site was purchased in Mobeni, where a new factory and admin block were built in 1950. Very much on the outskirts of Durban at that time, Beacon was one of the first factories to be established in the Mobeni are, which was in fact only serviced by a two lane road at the time.

A new beginning
At this stage Beacon only produced about 4% of South Africa’s chocolate. Fortunately, Hymie Zulman had around him a small but dynamic team of committed individuals, including six excellent confectioners, one each in chocolate, starch,paste, toffee, boiling and sugar pan.

Together with the then factory director, Henry Levine, they worked wonders with innovation and enterprise. At the end of 1952, Mr Sulman’s son, Arnold, joined the company. His early years were spent in the factory making sweets, then in admin and on occasion even having to go out selling.

Over the years the company continued to grow. New and better equipment continued to be installed, the factory premises were enlarged, more property was acquired, resulting in the total site growing to 20 acres, which doubled again in 1991 with the acquisition of the Jacobs site.

Creativity at its best
Today, Arnold Zulman says that the success of the company was due to the emphasis on three major attributes, namely Creativity, Relationships and Urgency. Beacon became known to many machinery suppliers as an innovative and enterprising company, which constantly took the initiative with new concepts and new technology.

Beacon was the first company in South Africa to come out with a range of pre-packs. It was also responsible for the introduction of pick and mix and the first to come with a big Christmas and Easter range, which saw the development of some of Beacon’s most well known offerings, including Nut Puffs, Fizz Pops, Sparkles and Liquorice Allsorts.

As a result of such vibrant and dynamic activity, Beacon has gone on to become the largest sweet and chocolate manufacturer in South Africa, and a worldwide contender.

Significant events
Beacon bought back the Maynard’s shareholding in 1967 and achieved 100% Zulman family control in 1969.A number of major expansions over the years included the acquisition of Turnwrights in 1976 (a deal that was started and concluded in one morning), American Candy in 1977, and the building and commissioning of the new chocolate factory in Durban in 1984.In 1990 Tiger Oats, South Africa’s foremost food company, acquired 50% of the Beacon shareholding.1991 saw the acquisition of the Jacobs property and the addition of a new finished goods national warehouse, Natal distribution centre and the new starch factory.The third generation of the Zulman family, David Zulman, was appointed Managing Director in 1997. His main objective was to turn Beacon into the leading confectionery company in Southern Africa.
The origins of Tiger Brands
Tiger Brands, the company that now owns Beacon, has a long history dating back to the early 1900s. Tiger Brands’ predecessor, Tiger Oats, was formed in the 1940s out of a trading company started by the Frankel family. Tiger Oats grew over the years by acquiring related companies and diversifying into a wide range of food products. In 1999 Tiger Oats bought 90% and later 100% of Beacon Sweets and Chocolates.
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